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Masking for painting the edging.

Masking for edging the cowl area.

Hood back on. It's that time.

Painting the jambs.

Painting the outside, first coat and edging.

Buffing up stainless trim..

Making some trim clips.

Making the side dash marks hole templet.

Painting the inside.

Re placement of the stands.

Radio repair.

The rear removed for restoration.

Making new leafs to install.

Painting the rear ax.

The 1962 fairlane was badly rusted.

The 1962 fairlane was badly rusted.

Seats needed a lot of work too.

I do own a sewing machine, 1932 Consew Singer.

Removing the old material around the old vinyl.

Sewing on new beads for the centers.

Now, sewing in the new centers.

Hog ring placement and install.

Installing the beading.

Installing the centers.

Very strong old sewing machine.

Patching the spring covers. RAW patching.

Starting the booth-garage.

Making progress on the booth-garage.

Made from wood and bulleting board vinyl.

The nut and bolt painted wall.

Parts painted.

Booth painting. Edging some parts.

Parts painting in the home made booth.

Painting a few parts. To be painted again.

The home made buffing machine. Made from a washing machine.

repairing the rear rail.

Bending sheet metal patch.

Patching the rear lobes.

hand made dog leg.

Finishing the patching welding in.

Plastic (Bondo) Smooth over the roughing.

Plastic (Bondo) Smooth over the roughing.

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  Continued from page 69. The 3rd Engine.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  At home, removing the parts the 62 don't have. Like the Power Steering pump.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Vic wated the PS pump for his 55 crown Victoria. I give it to him.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Inside the valve cover. Clean as can be. No sludge. The 65 engine, was bad.. But, we most likely will use the 65's head on this one.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  This engine was re built in 1990. Who? I don't know, the top of the tag would have revealed the re builder. Looks like it could be Jasper not sure.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The Power steering pully will need to be removed. The balancer pully, we will need to use the 65's.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Here'sthe engine code stats from the block.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  yes, drilling out and tapping the left one will be needed. It's for the generator, and we will need to use the end one as it will be better mounting for the generator. Not Alt.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  This is a real bummer. I can not use this head unless welding to make a new exhaust manifold hole. I can weld. But, it's better to use the 65's. A special welding rod will be needed. I will weld later on in the years. The plan also is to re build the 65 engine, as time goes by.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  This pulley, along with the balancer pully, will be swaped out. No Power Steering Pully.
You Tube Nav ID Engine01 (The 3rd)

Engine01 (The 3rd)

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Engine 01

Thats it for this session. Looks like it's another project within the project again. This car, had so many projects within the car project. So, looks like more time spent on the project. But, it's fall-winter. Not like there is another car show next week or even next month. More to come. Stay tuned.


  Well everyone, we are up to getting the next engine ready for a re build before it's installed into the car. The engine, for now, is headed to a special shop for check out and a re build. This engine, was rebuilt in 1990. By unknown people. So, we have to check. The shop it's going to take it all apart, mic all the parts to make sure it's in top condition. This engine, will have a new fuel pump, water pump, and other parts on the outside. And, what ever is needed for the inside although I don't think anything of the inside will need replacing, but, we will see.

  However, we most likely will be using the head from the engine in the car as the one on the 2nd engine has the end bolt hole broke. The block and head are made of cast iron, and welding can be done, but, the shop wants to use the one on the car instead of welding. I can see where they are coming from, but, I don't want the car to be outside for 2 months while the engine is being re built. But, we will see just want happens.

  So, because the engine does need painting, we desided to paint the engine before it goes to the shop. I really don't want to paint the engine when it's in the car. This is Engine number 3. Most likely the last engine in this car. It's not a daily driver.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Getting ready to gunk, wash, and rough up for painting. The whole engine.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  After gunking we scrup off any dirt, and use a wire brush too.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Because it's cold outside, we used a heat gun to warm the engine before we started painting. And, we used the heat gun all the way through the painting.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Shame the head bolt hole on the exhaust manifold is broke. I will have to re paint the head if I find another one. But, there will be touch up needed. Better than painting the engine in the car.
You Tube Nav ID Engine02 (Ready, Set, Paint)

Engine02 (Ready, Set, Paint)

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Engine 02


  It's winter now, Cold, rain. No snow yet, but the warmer weather is fading in and out. While the other engine is at the shop I deceded to take the car out for a run. before the snow and salt trucks come out. Diden't film the run but, when stopping in to Wawa for a soda and soup the visit took longer than expected.

  The younger guys were speaking Spanglish, and it was a bit difficult to sub title to english. You can post a comment if you know more of what they are saying in english.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  All these guys were quite interested in the pictures. They really got a kick out of them.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  They also wanted to see the engine. Not only the engine, but in the trunk too.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  I had a nice time with these guys. They liked the car, all the work into the car too.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  They looked at all the pictures. Commenting back and forth in Spanglish. At least, I think it's Spanglish. This guy, was not with the Spanish guys. He was the first to want to see the pictures. Then, the Spanish guys followed.
You Tube Nav ID Loitering With The Car 01 (Wawa Thanksgiving)

Loitering With The Car 01 (Wawa Thanksgiving)

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Loitering 01


  It's been a while. Busy with working on the finishing full length video, and of corse, work. The next engine is also in the works. So, we are waiting on progress with that. Also looking for another cylinder head to make the re build go smoother rather than longer. The car won't be off the road for as long if I had another head..

  The following two videos are a bit late to make it into the web site. But, here is some more to add. More to follow...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Replaced the dome light door switches. They are an exact replacement switch. except, the chrome metal. The originals were black plastic all the way around, there was no shine to them. But the new ones have the lovely shine to them. LOL.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Looks nice seated in the jamb huh?. Looks more fancy then the black ones. But, hey!. They function the same.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Hmmm, looks like they work. Replaced the dome light too. eBay, 9.99. The Mustang is the same as the fairlane.
You Tube Nav ID The 62's Dome Light (Working Today?)

The 62's Dome Light (Working Today?)

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Dome Light

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