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Working on brake lines.

New shoes, springs, and cylinders too!.

New, new new...

The nut and bolt wall of painting.

New again, as it was in 1962.

Painted. Complete.

primer on the rear and roof.

Roofing. Sand, primer.

The cowl, sand, primer and paint.

The sticker from PA.

Cleaning for painting.

Body work on the rockers.

Painting the dash also.

Primer, edging, and the doors.

Primer on the doors, and edging.

Some paint around the edging, and other difficult places.

Buffing the stainless trim.

Bumping out the dents.

Making the dash trim templet for the holes.

making the dash trim holes.

painting the dash.

Buffing the rear trim.

Sanding for another coat.

Masking for floor painting.

The couch for the material.

remove, and replace.

Homemade buffer machine.

driving past a speed trap.

repaired mud deviders.

Wildwood summer drive.

Welding in new pocket-well metal.

paint the underside.

Rear suspension back on.

Protect the sun from my head.

Nasty rusting.

A seat screw from 1962.

Painting the front wall.

The front wheel well, is done.

The other done wheel well.

Front wall is also done.

Rusted mud deviders.

Painting additional items.

Lot's to restore here.

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  We continue with the masking of the headliner. Now, all that is left is to mask the window glass. I will do that in due time... Prepping the doors for painting. It's kina funny how much work goes into prepping. Sanding, feathering, sanding again. While the actual painting is just a few minutes..... This time, we use primer. Again, we sand and spot putty... A very good day. Here's some pictures for ya.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Trying to save the headliner. It does need some attention, but it is all there and in good condition for being so old. It is the original headliner. Some small holes and rips. We will try to fix later.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  After using the disk paint stripper, we sand, and feather the original paint. Getting ready to primer.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  All of the rust spots are off, and ready to sand. Masking is next.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  After masking, we use the spray gun to spray the primer. Then, we sand and prep the primer for color edging.
You Tube Nav ID Prep For Painting 09 (Front doors front jambs, masking, primer)

Prep For Painting 09

(Opens in new window)

Prep For Painting 09

  Now, we sand the primer, and prep for color painting the edges. The places that will be difficult to get while painting the whole car. Impossible to get everywhere, without pileing on the paint. That will cause running and sagging. Not good, so, we hit places that is difficult first by doing edging. Then, we sand the regular areas before we paint the whole car.

  We must also paint the inside. This will be done in the booth first, I think, then we mask the door entrances and paint the jambs, then we are ready to paint the whole car unless we are doing two tone. In this case, we paint the roof, then mask the roof, and out line taping.

  I still have to do the rear doors, and all of the door jambs, except the hinge area of the front. The fenders will go back on next as well as the hood. The trunk, a little later after that edging area is ready. So, here are some pictures for this time. See next time. Chow!.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Spot putty. Where the tiny little inperfections will be smooth.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Wet sanding is a must. I used 400 grit for this operation. next sanding will be 400 then 1500. Smoother surface, shiner, and refelctive like a mirror. If the paint goes on wet, and no running or sagging. Part of the trick is to have it hot in the booth. 80-100.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Masking the cow area. This area was originally blue. Engine compartment black.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The hood hinges will be painted seperate later. Black, is what they are supposed to be.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Now, we start to color edge the whoile cow area, and the front doors, and hinge area.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Going on nicely. The door areas are difficult, and takes attention. Vic was my spotter. His job was to see the missing areas and have me color them.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The cow. The windows were not done as these will get done when the car is painted. Not a difficult area to do.
You Tube Nav ID Prep For Painting 10 (Finally some color!)

Prep For Painting 10

(Opens in new window)

Prep For Painting 10

  Today, was a shorter day. Had some running around to do, but was able to get some work in. I cleaned up the hood hinges, masked the areas, and painted the hinges before the hood went back on. All went well..... Here's a short video on that. Getting ready for the next day off. Should be a exciting time.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Cleaning up the hood hinges. These are in excellent condition, but the paint is another story. So, we get ready to paint.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Now, we start to paint after the area is masked. The whole area.....

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Nicely painted gloss black. Hood hinges on the Old 62 Fairlane.
You Tube Nav ID Prep For Painting 11 (Paint the hood hinges)

Prep For Painting 11

(Opens in new window)

Prep For Painting 11

  Now that the painted hinges were drying for a day or so, It's time to clean up the engine compartment and the wheel wells from all the dust created by working on the car. About two years worh of dirt, dust, and grinding and such... So, we clean with soap and water. I might have to re paint the compartment. But, that will be determined another day.

  We are planning re installing the newly repaired fenders, and hood. We set out around 11am, and stopped at about 7pm. Lining up the hood, and figuring out what bolt goes where?. Still, we have more. Will do that next day off..... Here's pictures of today's progress.... I am pleased.....

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Cleaning up the engine compartment with car wash (soap) and water.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The passenger side fender goes on. Locating the mounting holes and finding the right bolts...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The drivers side fender goes on too....

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Tiome to re install the hood. Not a easy taks for 1 person, or even two.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  How about 4 people. Three to hold the hood in place, and one to screw the screws in.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Now, for the front cross member. Re installing the cross member.

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