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Front wheel wells primered and ready to paint.

front suspension primered and ready to paint.

Paint the wheel wells.

Painted, wells. Nice!.

Getting there. Little more to go.

Rust busting! at it's best.

Nasty rusting. But, we bust!.

Patching, This went on for 3 years!.

New wheel bearings, front and later on, the rear.

Original brake fluid, Crystalized.

Going to a car show that day.

Burke car show, 2016.

Cape May. Bystander takes a picture.

Wildwood convention center circle car show.

Holloween 2016 walk through.

headlight switch replacement.

Cleaning up for restoring inside parts.

The door panels came up nice too!.

The inside door panels. Nice yo!.

Bumping some stainless trim.

Buffing the aluminum rear trim.

Masking with flat black.

Removing masking after the paint job.

The new cover. Made from Bulletin board vinyl.

New voltage regulator. Finding one was 1/2 the fight.

Painting the outside body of the 62.

Painting, don't forget under the rockers.

Center beam rust replacement.

Fender: Just removed from the car.

Fender: Just removed from the car.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Welding in new metal.

The restoration picture book.

Changing working position.

Block it for front wheel work.

Painting the edges. Edges first, dry, paint again.

Prepping the roof.

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  Here we are on Page 44..... Yes friends, we start another page. I have been working on the web site. Going over to fine tune some code. I think I now have it ready for the spring. It is planned in the near future a monumental site move, just when, not sure. I will announce the move when it happens. I have to wait to hear from my space provider. Hopefully, I will have all the goodies as I do here....

  This week there is supposed to be a huge snow. 12 inches they are saying. I will have some work to keep up with the roof of the spray booth. The car is standing good, and I'm not worried about that, but the booth I am. I still have parts in there waiting. Some paint, some prep. We will see what happens with the snow. Until next time. Chow!

  Okay, good news!. The sewing machine upholstery needles came in AND they do fit the machine. Do you know how difficult it was to locate them?. If it wasen't for Superiour Threads (The company I purchased from) I would have never found them. I diden't sew with them yet, with the thread I purchased, BUT, Plans are to start the cloth seating areas this week end.

  The other good news. The trim parts I found on Craigs List came also, and the main peice is the back trim between the tail lights. It's in great condition. Also along with the deal, is additional trim stuff, for the front. I was going to (when the time comes) to also paint the little black trim squares, and I am. They should look just like new after shined up and painted those areas.

  I will be out there on Friday, after work for a short time (if weather permits) to measure the sizes and the width of the "puffy" area of the seats. I will also start cutting the material for the puffy inserts and the material to complete the new cloth areas, sew, and get them ready for sewing into the seat covers. Should be interesting....

  Below are some pictures from the video. See ys next time... Chow!.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The arrival, It's like Christmas In February......... Purchased some sanding discs, and paint stripping disc, and the new radio speaker. The discs, mainly for the roof. Most likely, will need a bunch.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The arrival, It's like Christmas In February......... The new radio speaker. This should be the right size. It's a non standard mounting configuration.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The arrival, It's like Christmas In February......... The new sewing machine needles came in. They do fit, but diden't try to sew with them or use the new upholstery thread yet. The weeknd is almost here..

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The arrival, It's like Christmas In February......... Trim parts I purchased from Craigs List. Nice purchase!.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The arrival, It's like Christmas In February......... This is the prize piece.... The super part of this purchase!.
You Tube Nav ID Christmas In February. Re stocking and opening parts for the spring.

Christmas In February........

(Opens in new window)

Christmas In February

  Okay, we are well underway with the car's seat project. This will take a while, and hopefully, I can complete. Double hopefully, I can complete before the spring. I had to measure the cloth seating centers first before attempting making the centers from the Couch material. Remember the couch I took the material from?. Now, we put the material into a seating center to get ready to sew into the vinyl seats.

  This will be a project in itself. I have no real experiance with upholstery, but it's more like a repair then upholstery I suppose, But we will give it a try. I am hopeful, it will turn out looking great.

  I purchased the pig rings (the smaller ones for this is called "pig" rings. Not "hog" rings. Hogs rings are much bigger. I also purchased the tool to do them. I will need to remove the seat covers and clean them up, and take out the old cloth along with the old stitching, and sew in new. But that is when I get all eight of the centers ready. Little by little, step by step. At this point, I have 4 done and ready to go into the seats.

  I will be doing that when the time comes, and naturally, a video will be posted.... Here's what I got done so far... Until next time everyone, Chow!.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  For the back seat, as the curve, I need to make a templet of how the curve goes. Plus, the templet is my guide for the center also.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  There will be 2 templets for this part of the seating. The back seat.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  I will need to remove the back rest. I will do that when the time comes. But for now, we need measurements.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The "stuffing" material. The "ribs" in this area. I have to cut about 108, 1.5 inches wide and the length.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Use a box cutter to cut out the ribs from the material. I think they call this material "Juke".

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Cut out the underlayment material. This is just a "holder" for the ribs and the material. Kinda like "boxing" in the Juke.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Now we cut the outter material. For the underlay and the material I am allowing 4 inches, in order to cover the juke height.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Now, we sew the material together with the juke nested... So far, so good....

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  We are re creating the rib effect in the cloth centers. I suppose machines did this in 1962. We will try our best to keep the 62 look in these seats.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The first two seating centers are complete. To do the two, took two nights including the cutting of the ribs.
You Tube Nav ID We start the re-Upholstering of the 1962's seats. This is Video 01 (The centers)

Re Upholstering The Seats 01

(Opens in new window)

Re Upholstering Seats 01

  Was off from work today.... Not because of the weather, but I suppose cutting hours... Nothin' new for this area, for some reason or another.... For the last couple of days I was working on the seating centers. All 8 are almost done. Had to seam some peices together because I ran out of the larger peices. So far, dosen't look too bad. I tryed hard to keep the seams un visible, but some of it I just coulden't hide. But, still, dosen't look bad. Matter of fact, better then I thought.

  Maybe this week end, I'll bring in the rear back rest and start with that part of the seating. I think maybe that part of the seat will be a good one to start with a learn a little without being too in depth. I'll gain some experiance before the harder one's like the back bottom seats and the complete front. So, for now, until next time. Chow!.

  I started removing the cloth centers in the back seat back rest. I have the centers removed. I also had to remove the "beading", or whatever it's called from the sourrand centers. That means I have to make new beading for them. I have pleanty of material left to make them but I also need reinforcment for the inside of the beading. I have a few ideas on what to use.

  I have a small telephone install job tomorrow. Hopefully it won't take all day. I'll stop by the hardware store on the way back and see what I can use. Lamp cord wire?. Cloths line?. It should be black in color. I am leaning toward lamp cord wire. I can get that from appliances from the trash, or use the inside black line from a extension cord. Probally #14 wire, or #18 will work. But, I will be making a test bead to see how it looks and goes. So, until next time... No pictures yet. I am recording this operation. Remember, this is the first time in doing upholstery and learning as I go... See ya next time. Chow!.

  Hello everyone!. I am happy to announce the first part of the seats went well. The back seat rest is re upholstered with the couch material, and the vinyl is in good shape with just one wrinkle at the top where the back shelf will go. Maybe I can get it out during the installation of the seats when the time comes. I have 3 more parts of the seats to go.

  This one back rest part was in the construction phase for just about 2 weeks. In between work and the other stuff, before work on these can continue. I broke 2 needles on the original wire frame for pig ring applications. I will be more careful. When it comes to thin sewing space of the old re sewing material from 1962. But, all in all I am happy with the first attempt to do upholstery.

  This is more of a upholstery repair than re upholstering. The beading on the sides (along the new center squares) is beading. I used underground low voltage cable because it's UV resistent, and just about the right thickness of the old beading. The old beading was plastic, with a plastic sew through kinda placement. This stuff I could not find in the local stores, but it was on line and rather expensive.

  The pictures below is the back seat back rest portion of the seats. There are 3 more seating parts to go, and hopefully, they will go together without any problems. So, here is this weeks activity for the 62's restoration.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Removing the "pig" rings. Often called "Hog Rings" but, that is the wrong type to use. "Hog" rings are much bigger...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Removing the centers stitching. Then, removing the centers and trim the new centers for the same size as the old, and keeping in mind the "rib" placements.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The old stitching is like small rope, much like the new will be. But the old stitching is a little thicker. But the new is stronger.

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