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Cleaning the rims for painting.

Cleaning the rims for painting. The last one!.

Rear painting rear bumper.

The nut and bolt wall of painting.

Paint some inside dash parts.

Front wheel spindels. Before painting.

Paint wheel spindels, before painting.

Paint wheel spindels, before painting.

Everything is from 1962.

Doing the front wheels.

Ready to paint.

Ready to go on.

Ready to Go on.

Ready to go on.

Replacing rear bearings.

Driveway build, little by little.

A dinner I stopped in.

ByStander, camera phone a photo.

Cold springs museum, a kid get's a seat.

Cold springs museum. LQQkers.

Setting the timing.

Driving in Cape May on a summer day.

Pointing to the sticker.

Diana, in offical 60's.

Headlight switch replacement.

Backing in, first time.

Removing the door handels.

Painting the engine.

More engine work.

More engine painting.

New freeze plugs.

Dealing with the headliner.

Overspray on windows removal.

Dash stuff, back in.

New carper Install.

New trunk pocket cover install.

Cleaning up the door panels.

Cleaning up the original 62's hub caps.

The new covering for the rear shelf.

Winter time inside buffing.

Clean for painting.

Masking for painting.

More masking for painting.

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  Cleaning up the old leafs. Rust, dirt, and nasty crusty rust. But, the overall condition is not bad. re useable for sure.

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  Cleaning up the shell rubber. Good condition but out of shape as the pressure did some pancaking of the rubber.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Notching, then grinding the extra width off of the Jeep leafs. I changed out two. The last. and the 3rd. The last is a cradelling leaf, and the 3rd seems to be one of the last major leafs.

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  Cleaning up the drive shaft. This also had the crusties. Gone now, and looking good!.

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  Painting the parts. This picture the drive shaft.

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  The gas tank. A new tank. The tank is ready paintable. All I had to do was to scuff.

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  Cutting the notches for the leaf springs. This is simular shape and material for in between the leafs. It's actually garage door weather guard. The only differance is it's slightly wider and it's vinyl. Simular to the original material.

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  The spring is all together, compressed and ready for the end shackle.
You Tube Nav ID Re installing the re built head in the 1962 Ford Fairlane. Part 1.

We paint, prep, and re install the leaf springs. Rear axel, gas tank, straps prep and paint..

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62's Complete underside painting and stuff.

  It's the 2nd of October, and this year the weather seems to be holding out. Most likely caused by NASA's rocket to the moon, again... Guess the weight of the rocket moved it's axes, and changed the weather... LOL :-).... Hmm, could be???...

  Anyway, this was also another productive week. But, this week dosen't seem to have any "home early" days in the schedule. Guess, it's gonna be Sunday, and the later afternoon Saturday... Guess we will just have to want and see... But, we did get a bunch done. Pictures below along with a video.... Inbetween working on the car, and working at my job, I have been verry busy working on the video files from the first to current... But, that one will be unvailed after the car is finished.

  But, these cars are really never finished. There is always something to spruce up, replace, or make better. But, for the most part, we are progressing good this year. See ya next time...

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  Here we are lifting the ax up into place across the axel. This is the type that goes on top of the springs.

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  Lifting into place. Through, then over the spring and placed in.

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  They are heavy. Very heavy. This is what is called a 9 inch rear. Back in the day these were popular for hot rods. (NOTE: The term "Hot Rod" means a combination of parts not made for the car. Not necessarly a fast car).

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  Bolting down the U bolts and shell. The shell presses against the bottom plate. They must touch. The U bolts are super tight.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Had to use the clamps to press the two together to get the nuts on the U bolt.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Now, touching up the paint for the re install. Finding the spots I missed too.
You Tube Nav ID Re installing the rear axel.

Re installing the rear axel.

(Opens in new window)

62's Re installing the axel.

  Hi Ya everyone!. I had to also work on my pick up truck this week. It was down, and waiting. I did get that fixed, and what time was left I worked on the 62... I did get some things done for underside, but not yet to the door body work. It really isent that big of a deal, but, I want to get the surface rust off and primed for the winter. I would also like to get the car off the jacks for the winter. But, time will tell.

  We still have a bunch to do, but, that can be done in the cooler weather. So, I am hoping to get the car at least the underside done before we have to call it quits for the winter. But you know, we do get nice days during the winter, and I do have a indoor project planned for the car. The seats. Hopefully, if all goes as planned, The seats will be ready, at least to a point for the spring.

  It seems next spring/summer will be the car painting time. Hopefully, the booth will hold out for another winter... With that said, we continue into this winter until the weather get's too cold to do anything.... Here's what was done this week.... More, next week. The weather still looks decent.

Video will follow a shortly...

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  Vic is re-installing the rear brakes with new cylinders, springs, clips, and hardware. The shoes are still in like new condition.

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  We are putting together the auto adjusters and emergency brake cables.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The drive shaft goes back in. Looks nice this time. Totally looks 200% better under the car.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Here ya go, here's another view from the drivers side. Nice huh?. Remember what this area looked like earlier?.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Installed a new vent hose, and installing the main rear brake hose.

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  The gas tank goes in. After adjusting the neck, and adjusting the float on the sender, we install.

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