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Front wheel wells primered and ready to paint.

front suspension primered and ready to paint.

Paint the wheel wells.

Painted, wells. Nice!.

Getting there. Little more to go.

Rust busting! at it's best.

Nasty rusting. But, we bust!.

Patching, This went on for 3 years!.

New wheel bearings, front and later on, the rear.

Original brake fluid, Crystalized.

Going to a car show that day.

Burke car show, 2016.

Cape May. Bystander takes a picture.

Wildwood convention center circle car show.

Holloween 2016 walk through.

headlight switch replacement.

Cleaning up for restoring inside parts.

The door panels came up nice too!.

The inside door panels. Nice yo!.

Bumping some stainless trim.

Buffing the aluminum rear trim.

Masking with flat black.

Removing masking after the paint job.

The new cover. Made from Bulletin board vinyl.

New voltage regulator. Finding one was 1/2 the fight.

Painting the outside body of the 62.

Painting, don't forget under the rockers.

Center beam rust replacement.

Fender: Just removed from the car.

Fender: Just removed from the car.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Welding in new metal.

The restoration picture book.

Changing working position.

Block it for front wheel work.

Painting the edges. Edges first, dry, paint again.

Prepping the roof.

May need to also see previous page.

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  Under the rear spring mounting covering. The complete metal covering must be removed and the rust goes.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  A set of leafs, from a SUV. I need to cut, and fit. Don't know what one in the pack yet.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Removing the shocks from the axle. These must be disconnected to drop the axle.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The shackles have been removed, the springs are just hanging, waiting.....

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  Resting on the blocks. Now, we change the location of the blocks. Remove the front rear spring bolts, and then remove the bottom spring mounts on the axel, then, remove the springs them selves. Then, we can replace a leaf in each one.
You Tube Nav ID Still in the prep stange. Getting there....

Still in the prep stange.

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Prep For rear Body Work

  It's raining.... I planned to go over to someone I know whom is giving me one of those canvis garages, without the canvis... It's the frame. I need to fix it, and cut it short, and lower. This will be my sun protector this year... Yea!, no messing with makeshift covers now.. Hopefully... After it stops raining and drys a little, I'll go and get it and put it up. Gonna have to find a way to secure it to the ground.

  I was planning to remove the rest of the rear springs, and see about the leaf situation today. If not, maybe tomorrow or Monday. I am still getting information together before I start on the rear... Almost, but, prep work is important.

  Skippy, a long time body and fender man, retired, stopped over a day ago. I asked him to give me some pointers of proceding on this area. I want to be sure I do it right the first time... Had ideas, but, always good to get some input from someone whom has been in the business for quite some time.... Here's a video on his visit. He was here for a while, and the video shows some important information about doing this area. Till next time.
You Tube Nav ID Retired pro, "Skippy". getting some input from him on starting this part of the restoration.

Retired pro, "Skippy". getting some input from him on starting this part of the restoration.

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Prep For rear Body Work

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  The sun cover completed... Could also double as a rain cover, but, it don't have sides. The purpose is to keep me from getting sun burn, and not as hot as last summer, even though I lost weight last summer.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Should be good.... He he he. Another use for those bill board vinyl... It's anchored. Would like some more metal for anckering. Maybe I'll get some next metal get..

  After I done some running, Me and Vic romoved the one drivers side rear leaf spring. The rubber in the channel is in good condition, and the springs are in good condition also. eds some rust attention, but it's all mainly surface. I think the leafs are a bit tired, thats why the rear is not higher than the front. So, we will be working on replacing a leaf or two, but not thout some investigation.... I really don't have the money to purchase new ones. It's not in the budget, so we shall see what information I can find out about replacing leafs. Here's a few ctures... No video. Our camera person was not available.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Picture of the one main leaf in. Mounting and U bolts removed.... After the leaf is cut to fit. It will go back together, and then removed again for painting preperation. Of course, the her spring will be done the same way. If the first spring looks good all together, then I will proceed to the next spring pack.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The spring removed, Leaves seperated, the rubber inserts removed, and the rubber removed from the channel also.... The one spring that is almost up. That gradually came up. n't know why yet... Investigation will proceed... However, I don't think I will ever know as that may be a spring expert secret... Seems, leaf spring information is not easely, released from e people whom know.... Go figure.....

  This year my Part Time job is very close to full time. Of course, not 40 hours. Yea, companies do that so they don't have to offer bennies, and so on. I have been doing that, and on and off working on the property here... Since the last entry (Rear leaf springs), a couple of days ago we had a fearce wind storm. My sun cover did not like the winds. Although no damage was done, I was out there at 1AM, securing the frame down. I removed the vinyl the next day after work, and was thinking of the cover will need to be removiable. So, I came up with a rope type of system to pull the vinyl over and have sun protection, and pull it back when I'm done... Works good, but nothin' beats leaving it on....

  I also had to clean up the yard, and the front, and make things better accessable for working on the car this year. Behind the scencs stuff. I have also been working on the computer stuff too. A server, not as a server per say, but a better 8 large hard drive computer for storage of the pictures and stuff while working on the web site and videos and all. I have omitted one of the computers. I think 5 computers is a bit too much. LOL.... I also upgraded the main computer with a better video card with more video ram. Something I been wanting to do for a while.

  As for the car. Someone I know is removing a old car's rear exel, and he's giving me the springs. These springs will most likely, but not sure, will be a better fit. Plus, the eye leaf is included and that is the one I should cut to replace the one under the original eye leaf. The older springs on most american made vehicles are just about the same width. I am concerened of cutting the sides and removing the spring in the metal. Hopefully, with these springs I don't need to cut the sides, just the ends to fit in the original pack. I will have enough to include a lower leaf too.

Next weekend, I have Friday and Monday off... I hope to get to the rear end trunk metal. I don't need to leaf springs to continue on the body. So, if all goes well, and work dosen't call, I will be out there working on the car. Video may not happen as my camera operator has to work. I may however, use the tripod. Till then everyone. See ya later.

  The 62's rear end procedure has begun!. Cutting has started, and preporations are under way.. One side at a time. I choose to start with the hardest side, The drivers side. Inside the rail was a surprise, and after the 1/4 came off, a few surprises. Although, The wells, and the trunk floor, and even the pockets should go good. The bumper indent area, and along where the bumper goes might be a challange. This area, should be the hardest, at least, to repair it right, and lookin' good.

  There is more cutting to do, cut away the rust. In all places, as much as possible. Fitting the cutting tools in special places will be difficult. Next on the agenda, is to do all the cuts, then remove a portion of the undercoating in the wells and the rest of the 1/4's where welding and soldering will take place. After that, place the new 1/4 in, and clamp, and see what new metal. shape and size we need to fabricate, cut, and shape.

  It is going to be a process, and it will take time... This weekend I have off Friday through Monday. Monday supposed to rain, but we will see. I will be working on the car hopefully, all 4 days, after I get other stuff done, and ready to bring out the tools and stuff... So, for now, here's some pictures. And video.

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  Cutting the top of the rail floor cover. To have a look at the rust, and see what has to be done.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Cutting the rail cover...... Not really bad as for the rails itself. Seems the bumper and the spring steel mounting is the things that are rusted.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Cutting out the first quarter panel.... And the dog leg. Now, I can see whats going on behind the scenes... Have a look at the video.....

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The first quarter is almost removed..... The slant cut, is correct. That is so when it's time to sand, it evenly sands. harder to get seamless seams when straight.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The Doglegs come out too.... Hopefully, the running lines line up when complete!.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  There are a few holes up into the wheel wells also. They, will need to be patched. I will see if I can get inbetween the body and the inside walls to see what rusting is going on. Probally can't do much about that except spray some undercoat inside... We'll see.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Looks bad on seeing... But, we will see how it goes!.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The hardest part is the bumper indent, and the lower trunk shelf line....
You Tube Nav ID The rear end procedure starts!... Trunk and Quarters Video 01

The rear end procedure starts!... Trunk and Quarters Video 01

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62's Rear End Work Part 01

  Hello everyone!. This weekend is a 4 day weekend for me... I have been working on the car, almost all weekend. There is a lot to report. There is so much to report, I think I will let the pictures and the videos say it all.... Still, there is tomorrow... It's supposed to rain sometime tomorrow, but if it does and I am out there, we will pack it up... But, we progressed a lot this weekend so far. The drivers rail is fixed, and the cross mount also fixed. That alone took a few days....

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Trimming the rusted areas. Trimming for best replacement with real metal.

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