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Front wheel wells primered and ready to paint.

front suspension primered and ready to paint.

Paint the wheel wells.

Painted, wells. Nice!.

Getting there. Little more to go.

Rust busting! at it's best.

Nasty rusting. But, we bust!.

Patching, This went on for 3 years!.

New wheel bearings, front and later on, the rear.

Original brake fluid, Crystalized.

Going to a car show that day.

Burke car show, 2016.

Cape May. Bystander takes a picture.

Wildwood convention center circle car show.

Holloween 2016 walk through.

headlight switch replacement.

Cleaning up for restoring inside parts.

The door panels came up nice too!.

The inside door panels. Nice yo!.

Bumping some stainless trim.

Buffing the aluminum rear trim.

Masking with flat black.

Removing masking after the paint job.

The new cover. Made from Bulletin board vinyl.

New voltage regulator. Finding one was 1/2 the fight.

Painting the outside body of the 62.

Painting, don't forget under the rockers.

Center beam rust replacement.

Fender: Just removed from the car.

Fender: Just removed from the car.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Welding in new metal.

The restoration picture book.

Changing working position.

Block it for front wheel work.

Painting the edges. Edges first, dry, paint again.

Prepping the roof.

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  For the last couple of days I have been working on the "Data Organized Project". It is almost complete. I sewed lable windows on to my disc cases. Purchased a few more and sewed them also. Made a lable templet within my picture program and started to correctly lable the cases. Now, I have to go through and make sure the discs are in the correct cases. This is what I have been doing for the last few days, during the snow. Yes, it snowed. We got about 2 inches, and the spray booth is doing good, and all the other associated stuff outside in the booth and buildings.

  After I finish the data project, I plan to add to the web site to the video link boxes annimated gif's that will give a better visual example of what's contained in the videos posted. Shame I diden't do a better job of archiving when I first started. I would have the complete longer videos in AVI form. Some of them are lost forever. I can download a MP4 from You Tube but can't if the video contains copyrited materials. So, I have what I have.

  It is good to have this winter down time, as it's a nice time to do "behind the sceens" type of stuff to make it go fast and a little easier when spring gets here. I can now manage the computer files and all easier, and not spend time looking for files I already put away. I hate to have files just "hanging around" on the hard drive just taking up space, espically when I have larger projects on the hard drives in progress.

  So, thats it for this entry... below is a snap shot of my organized computer files in archived form. The disc cases are from Dollar Tree. The sewing machine had no problems sewing through the pressed cardboard the case is made out of. Judging from that the sewing machine shoulden't have any problem doing the 62's seats.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  My data cabinet (and office supplies)... I used my dot Matrix printer for the lables. Yes, I still use a Dot Matrix for some things..

  It's been quite a while since I have done any writing here... Been busy with modifying the computers. Serious up gardes, and pushing around files... Lots of modifications since I last posted the archive picture. Matter of fact, I'll re-post up dated picture(s) of the computers. Yes, computers. All the computers here were re done by me. Up graded hardware, software, and OS. All computers and wireing done by me. All three have 3 hard drives, and all over 2 gig of RAM. Lots of video ram, and HD space. Should have lot's of room and speed when doing the cars videos. The videos is what started all the upgrades. Needed more umph in the computing.

  I am now using three computers. One newer, the other two a few years older. But, much, much more computing power since the last one. More space, more burning choices, and the two bottom computers are used mainly for back up storage, and working on the web site and now for making videos even better. The two bottom computers are on a data switch for going back and forth from computer to computer. Don't have room for three monitors.

  Vic and Skippy and me, are getting anxious. We all been "frozen" in time because of this cold winter. We have plans to continue with the car in a month or so. Time is drawing near!. Time is getting closer, and we are all itchey to start this year again. So, stay tuned. We are progressing. At least this year, I can do the computing of the web site, videos, and the car's archiving much faster and better... Stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The bottom part of the computer system. My Computer desk. The middle Gateway is my older one and it's not connected. Kinda on hold for now. Spare if you will.

  The monitors show (left) my web building program. Yes, I mainly write it from my brain instead of the program do it for me. The program is called: Arachnophillia. The very older version that I like better than the newer version. On the right monitor, the web site as I can see the changes in real time. I don't like to use a engine program as they often show different as the real deal.

  On the 2 bottom computers, I removed the bay covers and made the ribbion cable a little longer so I can pull the HD's out and change them without going into the computer. This makes faster changes for saving data, and retreaving data from other hard drives in the archives.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The bottom part of the computer system. My Computer desk. The middle Gateway is my older one and it's not connected. Kinda on hold for now. Spare if you will.

  I still diden't like the archive folders, as they were still a bit cluttered. Again, finding trashed wood to make some real shelf space. REAL wood, not partical board. Lot's of room now, and easy to locate if I need to find a older picture, or raw video.

  The metal kitchen shelf, converted to a computer storage cabinet, houses the supplies. CDR, DVDR, and additional hard drives. Some of them are still too small for the amount of raw footage I need to save until edited. Just remember, some of the cars videos take months, and I always worry of hardware failure or such.

If you change your hard drives, or get new computers (and they work) I can use your old hard drives. 20 gig or larger is the target. If you want to donate them. I will pay for shipping. If your around here, I can pick up. I will (and you have my word) reformat the drive without looking at any of the files in case your worried about that. Please contact me I can really use them Email Me.

  Really everyone. I do need hard drives. 20 gig or larger, IDE or SAT. Don't matter. if you just want to pass on the computer, I can remove the parts, and recycle the rest. Send me a email. If your not from the area, and know how to remove your old hard drive. I can pay for shipping. Please Email Me.

  The spray booth has held up real good. I will need to use some silicone in some spots for this summer. But all in all, all the parts are safe, and waiting for the summer too.

Thats it for this entry... Time is near. I am ready to get back to working on the car and outside without the cold, wet, and wind... Till next time everyone. Chow!.

  It's been a while, almost all winter to be exact... The weather was nice today. But, it's still winter, and it's time to clean up the back yard and the area. Today, I cleaned up the little shed area, and added a commercial shelfing unit for parts storage. I am going to have many, many parts in storage while the whole car is being painted when that happens. Getting ready for the storage space.

  The spray room needs some attention... The bill board vinyl has some holes, and where the wind was causing the vinyl to go in and out against the buildings frame, the vinly has stretched to the point it tared, and rubbing against corners, ends, and such, there are holes. Thinking about replacing some of it. Also using RTV... Might start that this week if the weather holds out. This area round this time is true for rain, and more rain rain... But we shall see.

  Grabed the broom and the rake. Also cleaned up the front of the house and where the car is up on jack stands. This winter was a rough one. Winds did the most damage to the spray room, and the covering to the car. Glad I had some extra bill board vinyl. I have the front and the rear of the car covered by that stuff and it's keeping it dry, so far. I haven't uncovered the car yet. Might be doing that next weekend. Gonna start her up too.

  Still, more cleaning up to do. After the spray booth vinyl is fixed, I need to remove everything in the room and clean it out. Sweep, and clean, and get ready to continue with the painting... So, for now, that's what's happening.... Till next time. Chow!....

  A few days ago Vic and me uncovered the engine area and gave her a start and run. Discovered a few things, but all in all she held on all winter rapped like a present. Getting ready to continue on the car. Progress is underway as to some other items that need attending to before I start doing some metal work.

  One of the most important things I need to do before any more work starts inside is to fill the old cesspool with fill. That I am hoping to start tomorrow or Monday. I have a little bit of broken brick and concreat but I will need more. I am sure I can find fill somewhere round here and fill it up before the car moves in, and over it.

  I am hoping I can have everything ready to continue without prep delay this spring and summer and even fall. Hope no storms mess up the nice weather this year. But, as this area, as it is. I am not counting on it. After being inside all winter mainly working on the computers, I am eager and ready to start working outside, but, I need consective days to acomplish what is in store this summer for the car. So, keep in tune. See ya next time. Chow!.

You Tube Nav ID We un covered the engine and started her up.

Found a couple of bad things, but all in all survived the winter good.

(Opens in new window)

Winter Start 2013

  Well, everyone. It was a nice day till the late afternoon... But, I did manage to locate the old cesspool, and the cover. Filled it, and I am ready to put the cover back on. I did have to cut a little bit of the vinyl floor. About 10 3 inch slits, to drive a steak and see if I hit it. As for the cover, I had to cut a square hole in the vinyl, about 1 1/2 foot to remove the cover to fill.

  Wednesday I plan to re install the cover and fix the cuts in the vinyl. I will use RTV and a patch around the slits. Then, sweep. I also need to repair the winter tears. I took a look at the a few of the tears I repaired before, and it looks good. I think that is what I will do. Perhaps, the larger tears I will cut patches to fix. Then, we will remove everything outside for the day and clean up real good and get ready to continue the painting.

  Now, there are more items to paint this spring. The inside stuff removed, the two front peices, and the gas tank. I forgot about that last fall. But, seems, if the weather holds out, this week end will be the offical start of continuing with the car. So, stay tuned.... Another year is here, and here we go. Hopefully, it'll be a good weather spring and summer and even the fall. Chow!.

  Cold out today here. 40- even inside the building.... But, that's okay. I have finished filling in the old cesspool, and fixed the cuts in the vinyl floor from locating the pool... Used the construction liquid nails for the vinyl. Seems to work out good. Hopefully, it's water proof. Lable say's resistant... I'll also try this stuff on the winter beaten stretch marks, and tears. If I have enough, I'll put it around all the places that rubs in the wind. That is for another day when it's nicer. Some wind today too.. But, thats done.

  maybe the weekend will be nicer. If so, I have some more pre work to do on the vinyl outside, Then, a really nice day I will clean the whole place. Ceiling too. Till next time. See ya all later....

  The weather is supposed to go down this weekend. Nice now, matter of fact 100 in the spray booth today. It's just about 6PM, and the heat is on, for at least till the end of the week. If the temp does go down to 40, like they are saying, not good for the paint. Besides that, I am not ready. I have to clean out the spray booth from the winter.

  I did notice the bulletin board vinyl, around certain areas of the frame it's rubbed away and the frame is showing. Purchased a can of the liquid nails stuff for patching. That will help with the water, and keeping the heat in. It's 7PM and the temp inside dropped to 80. Still, not bad, but a quick drop is not good, espically just after a new coat. Will need to check this week the "properties" of the building on heat, and adjust the painting activities for best results. The heat being 100, is actually good for painting. "Baked on coats".

  I have tidyed up the "Farm Barn", as I call it, and put in a large steel shelf. This will house some parts while the car is being painted. I need all the room I can get for storage. All the parts aren't removed yet!... I will remove the back bumper, tail lights, and the trim as time goes by. More this week end... For now, Ta ta.... Okay, so I diden't say Chow!. Thats it. Chow!.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Cleaned up the "Farm Barn". Installed metal shelfing. Need lot's of room for parts storage while the car is in progress. Planning a vinyl cover over the front later on in the summer.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Patching the vinyl. Pulls, Tear, showing through from the frame ribbing against the vinyl from the wind blowing the vinyl in and out. Should help stop the water from getting in also.

  Hello everyone!. A few days ago, a day when it was not raining, Vic and me, started to remove rear end parts. We removed the rear bumper, and it was not a easy thing to remove. We were planning to remove the gas tank too that day, but it took a while to remove the bumper, and time did not allow for removing anything else.

  The next day, cold and rain. The next day cold, and work. So, today, hopefully, we will remove some of the other things we need to remove on this car. It's cold a bit out today, but we are planning to remove at least the rear aluminum trim. I will report about that a bit later.

  Here's some pictures of this 2013, spring-summer continueing of the car's restoration. Hopefully, we have a good season this year, and get it done, or at least most of the restoration. Here's a video on the bumper removal.

I am still tweaking my computer set up, and I am adding hard drives to the raid card for more storage of the video projects. Next videos I am hoping to have better resolution. That's why I am adding hard drives and the raid card. Very large file sizes with the better resolutions. So, here, is a video. Still in the smaller resolutions. Hope you like the video.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Had to grind off the heads of the mounting bolts for the bumpers mounting. Best to remove the brackets, then remove the brackets from the bumper. Better to rescue the carrage bolts from breaking. Hit em hard with DB Blaster after the bumper is removed.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  After grinding off the bracket heads, the bolts were stuck in there. Had to hammer them loose, and force removal.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Had to do the same to the other side. A bugger to remove... But we did, and all is well.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Finally, the bumper is ready to be taken off. brackets and all. Painting the parts too. later on. I now, have more black to paint also.
You Tube Nav ID Removing the rear bumper.. 50 year old, no so easy.

After several hours, the bumper was freed, and removed....... 2013 Restoration season has begun!!

(Opens in new window)

Rear Bumper removal

  Today was a little cool, but we were both out removing the tail lights, the gas fill door, and the rear trim of this old car. There is some rust behind the rear trim, next to the tail lights but is not bad, and that area will clean up real good. We still have to remove the gas tank, but that is for a warmer day. We also need to remove the 1/4's trim.

  Still cold outside, but I have a early start this year. However, this year I have a PT job. However, the scheduleing is close to full time, so, in between full days, and days off, inbetween rain, and cold days I will be working on the car when I can.... For now, Here's a video of how the rear trim and the tail lights went. The tail lights were a little trouble removing. The video shows it all. Till next time everyone. Chow!.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  After work, I desided to start the rear trim removal. Vic, stopped by to help with this part of the project...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The center trim, Bumper, Tail Lights, Gas fill door, Emblum on the gas door, Trim on the gas door removed. Not bad. But some rust attention needs to be done under, and the support rails...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The tail lights, the center trim, the gas tank fill door, the ford emblum.. All thats left is to remove the side trim and dashes.

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