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Working on brake lines.

New shoes, springs, and cylinders too!.

New, new new...

The nut and bolt wall of painting.

New again, as it was in 1962.

Painted. Complete.

primer on the rear and roof.

Roofing. Sand, primer.

The cowl, sand, primer and paint.

The sticker from PA.

Cleaning for painting.

Body work on the rockers.

Painting the dash also.

Primer, edging, and the doors.

Primer on the doors, and edging.

Some paint around the edging, and other difficult places.

Buffing the stainless trim.

Bumping out the dents.

Making the dash trim templet for the holes.

making the dash trim holes.

painting the dash.

Buffing the rear trim.

Sanding for another coat.

Masking for floor painting.

The couch for the material.

remove, and replace.

Homemade buffer machine.

driving past a speed trap.

repaired mud deviders.

Wildwood summer drive.

Welding in new pocket-well metal.

paint the underside.

Rear suspension back on.

Protect the sun from my head.

Nasty rusting.

A seat screw from 1962.

Painting the front wall.

The front wheel well, is done.

The other done wheel well.

Front wall is also done.

Rusted mud deviders.

Painting additional items.

Lot's to restore here.

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  Hi-Ya everyone!. Today was a better day... Still, have to see if I can adjust the gun better. From what I can feel and see, it needs to spray more paint. That is an adjustment. I just have to find the manual and figure where is the adjuster for that... I will have to either sand or use a scarf pad on the fenders for the next time. Seems the rag I used wasen't lint free enough. There are some dirt particles. Not a major problem. Just a little more work. So, next time hopefully, I can spray more wet, and be lint free next time. There are still a few more coats to go. I am aming for 5 coats.

  That will be a good amount of coats for waxing, and possible finishing sanding to get a mirrow image shine. With Rust-Oleum, you want to put a few more additional coats on for buffing later. Buy the time I get that far it will be next spring, and the car will be painted totally, and everything back on. I have to figure out where to store these parts when the car is in there.... Anyway, here's two pictures for today.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The two fenders and the trunk lid in the background. I am pleased with todays operations. Just next time, make sure there is no lint left behind from wiping... I do like the color. I do.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The hood... Finally! I get past the underside of the hood and the trunk lid. As I once had a boss whom said "It is what it is". I will of course, add coats.
  After seeing the fenders again yesterday, I saw the dust imbeded in the paint. Not too bad, but not to my liking. I have desided to find the problem. Seems, The rags I was using wasen't completely cotton, and left lint AND no sanding in the spray booth. So, I took out most of the stuff in there and got the leaf blower and blew the booth out. The fenders are water sanded (outside the booth) and placed back in. Not water sanding was a mistake. Okay, so not a non fixable problem. It's early in the painting stage, I desided to re-paint the fenders.

  I need to adjust the spray gun for a better spray. it's spraying not enough paint. I will fix that soon... As for the hood and trunk lid. I will bring out and sand those too probally tomorrow afternoon. I am concerned about the water inside all the trunk and hood. Thats why I don't want to use water sanding on them. I don't think I have a choice at this point, if I want a good paint job. See, this paint job has to be the best I ever did. Not because of my ego, but because I'm using Rust-Oleum.

  Saturday I will adjust the spray. Hopefully, to a good adjustment. I also mixed another batch of my color tonight. Looks the same as the first. Anyway, that's it for this entry.. See you next time.

  There is a change of plans. Now that I remembered the two front peices, I have to paint primer and then hit them with color. So, before we do the fenders and hoods again. I have to get a few coats of primer on these and then sand. I did clean and wet sand, and prep. There was a lot of surface rust inside, and I was able to get it purty good. I am going to hit them with rusty primer instead of the standard primer. Take OUTSIDE, and water sand after dry. Saturday still looks okay for color, at least on the hoods and fenders. But we'll see when that time comes.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  These are the two front grill peices I forgot... They are just about ready....

  Here we go again with the storms. Hurricane Sandy is moving here. Supposed to (as of 8:46AM) making it's way toward the bay, and is supposed to cross it. We are in the path... Needless to say, it's going to rain, rain, rain, and high winds. That means We have to button down the hatches, and get ready for this storm. Another weekend lost, and into the week also. So, Most likely for this week nothing will be done to the car. I do have to cover the car better. So, maybe more on this subject later. Looks like a weekend for working on the web site, if power stays on...

  1:19 PM, State of emergency has been declared. We are still putting things away, and ropeing down things in the yard. The car is covered. I DO NOT like covering the car with something that can't breathe. Condensation will produce rust more so than if the car was in water. 6 months worth of a car tarped, produces about 1.5 years of rust as if the car was in the open. So, after the storm, if we are still here alive, we need to un cover the car and open the doors for a while.

  It's 2:00Pm, we are, at least we think ready for this storm. The Booth is also buttoned up, and all my paints are in totes and in the house along with all my supplies. The parts are still in there, and up off the floor. Hopefully, by next weekend. I will be back to it. Here's some pictures...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Had a few bill board vinyl left. Used a smaller one to hurricane cover the car. Shez! What a bother.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  A friend helps, Wife, and the Son. Daughter is taking pictures.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  All covered and ready. Can't leave this cover on for long. Need to take it off once the threat is gone.

  Well, it's been a busy day. Last couple of nights also. After I did a roof repair to my house, I started on the spray booth drain. It rained so much that a huge puddle formed in between me and my neighbor, right where I built the booth. As time went by, the water got larger and higher and deeper. The water entered through the vinyl tarping 2x3 ankers, and on the corner where there is a pipe in the ground to anchor the corner supports down.

  While we were walking through the booth during the storm I discovered water under the vinyl swishing. Don't know if the water level inside was the same as outside. Looked like it, but not sure. Since the vinyl was about 5 inched turned up to make the booth some what water proof as built. I had to drain the water. If not drained, it would be trapped all along the side and would eventually evaporate. But, that would be bad for a painting booth. It is all cleaned up now, but if we get a heavy storm again I will need to clean and drain again.

  No the booth did not blow away. It was not seen tumbeling around in our yard. It stayed, and stayed firm. In fact, the one tree on the back of the booth actually broke away from the 2x4's it was attached to. The tree trunk was swinging more than the booth. That means the booth was more sturdy than the tree. The tree trunk was swaying more than the booth.

  So, here is a short video of this episode. "The storm and the booth". Hopefully, there will be no video parts of this kind of video here again.

You Tube Nav ID Hurricane Sandy and my spray booth.

The Storm and The Booth.

(Opens in new window)

Hurricane Sandy and my spray booth

  Well everyone. Here we are on the first day of November. It's 50 degrees at night, and the sunny days are still in the future. Too cold even to paint in the afternoon. So we wait.

  I made arraingements to get some trunk metal and large pieces of flat metal from the old car Vic is junkin. A 1986 Crown Vic that we removed the engine for his 55 Crown Vic. (yes, I do have videos that I will post once the series videos are complete). I plan to go over there on Saturday and cut out as much as I can before we take the car over to recycling. I will be using that and other sheet metal for the trunk area for the 62's trunk area and maybe other places.

  The other seasonal problem is day light. The clocks will be adjusted again and that means by the time I get home in the evening from work there will be no day light to work on the car. So, we wait at this point. I do have a few things planned to do during the winter on the kitchen table. For example. Trying to fix the radio. It's tube and I think it has leaking capacitors. There just may be a series of videos depending on the problem if I can fix. If, is a big word. But, you never know until you try.

  The other thing I want to do is to replace the wheel brake cylinders all around, the break lines and hose in the back. The front lines are good as far as I can see at this point, but, I do need to change out the hoses all around. The car takes three break hoses. Might have to order from a antique parts place or eBay. Naturally, weather plays a factor in doing this work. Cold, wet, damp. Nope. Not 30 anymore.

  Thats it for now. It's just wait time and see how weather, cold, and all looks to do what part of the project when. Hopefully we will have a mild winter and the warmer days return like it was last winter. Got a lot done with the engine last winter. Hopefully, we will have a mild winter to continue on with the project. Until next time... Chow.

  Today I was going over to Vic's to start cutting body metal from Vic's old 86. But, threat of rain and it's windy and it's cold. So, we wait until tomorrow and see what the weather brings. We are supposed to get a Nor Easter storm, and they sometimes are rough. This storm is supposed to be in a few days. So we wait and see.

  Let's see now..... It's the 7th of November. It's 4:17Pm, and it's raining, Snowing, and some very fine hale. It's not even good enough to remove the radio to work on inside. So, we are waiting. Checked the booth a few minutes ago. It's okay. 45 degrees in the booth. It's also a bit windy. So we wait.

  I do have some video work to do on Vic's car. I will be working on his video this evening.... Supposed to be in the 60's over the week end. Strange huh?. If that is true, I will be starting (and hopefully completing one side) of the doglegs if the weekend is nice. Am I hopeful?. Maybe.... Thats it for this time. See ya next time.

  Today I had a computer networking job to fix outside of the county. So, that took a while. When I got back, I had to go over to Vic's to put his 55 hood back on with a few other people. While there taking video, the camera went on the fritz. I now get no video picture but I do get everything else. It does not take pictures either, so it's not the viewer. So, that means I can't do pictures until I get it fixed. Probally have to send it to cannon.. Know more when I call them. Best this happened in the winter instead of the spring.

  As for the rest of the time before dark, I had a hour or so. I removed the storm cover, and let the car air inside while I was running the engine. Started right up. No problems... The car is in good shape, no damage by the storm. I will be looking into the camera on cannons web site this evening.

  The doglegs.... After the camera looking into, I will be searching for a set of doglegs. If they are cheap enough, I have time to save and get them. I dought if I will be doing any welding or having any bare metal exposed because who knows about the weather from day to day here. It's still too cold to continue with the metal work. Not for me personally, but for strength and such for the metal. Now that I have the camera out, and I came so far with documention, it would be a shame to continue without documentation. Besides that. If I find the correct doglegs instead of making them, it will save at least a few weeks on fabrication. Because it's winter and I really should not work on the body, then I can see if I can get more parts together. I am also looking into the break wheel cylinders to replace and the lines. I can do that during the winter. it's wait a little more. Thats it for today. Until next time.

  Well, for a few days I have been cutting out body metal from Vic's old 1986 Crown Victoria. I took the bottom of the trunk. The sides of the trunk, the rear wheel back wells, and two large panels of the passinger side doors. These will be in the 62 as I see fit when the time comes to do the rear 1/4s and the rest of the car. I will also need some body metal for doing the sides for the bumpers as the new 1/4's don't include these. I have extra metal in case I need it for the car somewhere.

  I have found a 62 in the junkyard in PA and I am waiting to hear from them about the dogleg area. If the price is right, I will also ask about the behind the bumper area too. It's now a waiting game at this point. Too cold anyway to be welding and leaving bare metal exposed for a few days. It's been doing a lot of raining and the mornings are wet from dew. I am working 40 hours now, and have to wait until mainly the weekends, espically because of daylight... Ho, Hum... Winter time... We continue at a slow pace. Last year was a lot warmer in December when I got the car.

  The other delay is I need to do some work to my home. It's a big enough job that when it's started it needs to get done. Can't be without a bathroom for too long. So, just keep checking every so often. I hope to get all the home stuff and other things done before the nice weather comes again where I can leave the car for a few days and not worry about water and such. Here are pictures of the Crown Victoria I cut up. LOL. Thats another thing I have to do. Take it over to the metal place for Vic, and we will both have a nice steak dinner from the money.

  NOTE: if you check the You Tube web site. Don't be surprised if you see 8 additional videos of a 1955 Crown Victoria. I have been video recording and helping Vic put a new engine in this car. I made a series of videos for Vic, and I am also going to post them on my You Tube channel. So, for now. See ya later. here's some pictures of the 86 I cut up.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Got the metal from the side doors. I was going to get the rest but, I thought I have enough.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Dosen't look like much out of the car but it is. Piled nicely in the trunks pan... :-). Saved a lot of bucks doing this.
  Today is Thanksgiving... The family kicked me out and said to work on the car. I was in the way of them making dinner. He, he he... I knew it!... It was a little chillie round here, so I desided to remove the dash stuff for seeing about:

  Okay, where to start explinations... As I was removing the dash padding, it was so dry rotted it was cracking in little peices espically on top of the dash. I tryed to remove it so I can at least attempt to copy it, but, now, I can only be able to know the turns, curves and such things.
  I can't beleive the glue they used!. Sheez!. So much glue!. I will have to use a remover before I prep for painting. Sand, and feather. I will have to navigate through on this part when the time comes to try to duplicate the padding and vinyl. But that is another day at the end of the restoration. Maybe I can find on line. Not much of this type of stuff left new.

  The radio came out nicely. Seems this radio is transistor. I thought it was tube. I diden't go inside yet, but it also could be both. I will see when I work on it on the kitchen table. I bet, the caps are leaking, and the power transistors need replacing. I may have to go as far as checking the resistors too. They may have lost their resistance.

  Now, the heater controls. That came out all right, although I had to remove the aluminum trim along with the controls. Disconnect both heater cables from the heater too. The parts are safely stored for when I work on them or paint.

  The glove compartment, door came off good. That will be painted along with the trim around the windshield and side riser for the two front doors. The cardboard glove housing came out with a little trouble, but slipped between the heater and the dash. Yes, it's made out of thick cardboard. They are were back then. Thats in good shape. Suprise!.

  Getting dark out there now. It's almost time for dinner, and it smells real good in here... Ahum, now, the next thing is to remove the steering wheel. I'll see if I can locate someone whom has a steering wheel remover for this time period. I also plan to file the steering wheel cracks and fill with epoxy, sand, and paint with epoxy paint. I will also need to replace the turn signal leaver switch. One side dosen't return. Thats going to be next spring or summer. But, that can be done while the paint is drying... So, for now, here's two pictures of todays progress....

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The dash before I removed some controls, radio, and the old broken cracked padding. By the way. Only the 500 series had the padded dash. The standard Fairlanes had no padding, like in the picture below.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The dash almost ready for painting.... The cluster will stay in. Just way too much removal work to take this out. I'll mask good. It can pull out a inch or so, and can pull out further when the steering wheel is removed.

  Today I was going to re install some of the front parts. Like the headlights and such but the weather stopped me. It's cold, windy, and just Blah out there... The wind blew the under cover off protecting the engine area from water. Had to find a better way to keep that part of the cover on. Tied it in the middle and then covered with the car cover... Just more to remove and put back on when I work on the car.

  So, for today thats it. Although not working on the car for a while, I did manage to get all of my old rags washed, and some new-old ones. he, he, he. Been collecting linens from the trash. Keeping the cotton useable ones to use as rags. And the so, so ones for throw away rags. And throwing away the ones that are just too bad. CANT have enough of rags when working on projects like this. I now have 4 full trash bags of clean and mostly cotton rags. Nice!.

  Slow going now that it's winter. Hurraicane sandy brought the cold... Do more with the car when I have the time and the weather is better. For now, here's a picture of the front of the car with the hood off. Don't think I ever posted one with the hood off.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  I don't think I posted a picture with the hood off... Here's a picture of the front with just about everything off... Looking at it, There is a lot of work putting everything back on in the front when It's ready. :-)

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