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Masking for painting the edging.

Masking for edging the cowl area.

Hood back on. It's that time.

Painting the jambs.

Painting the outside, first coat and edging.

Buffing up stainless trim..

Making some trim clips.

Making the side dash marks hole templet.

Painting the inside.

Re placement of the stands.

Radio repair.

The rear removed for restoration.

Making new leafs to install.

Painting the rear ax.

The 1962 fairlane was badly rusted.

The 1962 fairlane was badly rusted.

Seats needed a lot of work too.

I do own a sewing machine, 1932 Consew Singer.

Removing the old material around the old vinyl.

Sewing on new beads for the centers.

Now, sewing in the new centers.

Hog ring placement and install.

Installing the beading.

Installing the centers.

Very strong old sewing machine.

Patching the spring covers. RAW patching.

Starting the booth-garage.

Making progress on the booth-garage.

Made from wood and bulleting board vinyl.

The nut and bolt painted wall.

Parts painted.

Booth painting. Edging some parts.

Parts painting in the home made booth.

Painting a few parts. To be painted again.

The home made buffing machine. Made from a washing machine.

repairing the rear rail.

Bending sheet metal patch.

Patching the rear lobes.

hand made dog leg.

Finishing the patching welding in.

Plastic (Bondo) Smooth over the roughing.

Plastic (Bondo) Smooth over the roughing.

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  Today I got a lot done. The two filter covers are done, the lights are up wired and the switch and the outlets are all in and working. All that is left to do is make the fan hole cover and the corner shrouds. Not a big deal. Can make them out of cardboard. I also did a air test. I can feel more air traveling through the filter hole by the garage door than the walk in side door. But thats okay. What were looking for is a good amount of air passing through to remove the over spray.

  When it's time to paint. The inside of the car is done first. Starting with the trunk, then it's the outside starting with the rear and working your way to the front. Thats so the over spray thats being pulled out won't stick to any fresh paint and make a "dry" looking finish. Of course, that also depends on how wet I can spray without causing sags or runs.

  So, thats it for today... Tomorrow I have some running to do. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish up the fan hole and finish the horses I started. Then, after that it's prep the parts for painting. I have to remove the hood and the trunk lid. I haven't figured out what to cover that area of the car with in order to keep the rain from pooling. Probally some wood and the vinyl, then the car cover. But thats for another day.... Chow everybody. Till next time. Here's some pictures...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The land side lighting. All the bulbs are good too. It all works.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The Bay side lighting. I desided not to install the end fixtures. I don't think I will need them. There is pleanty of light. Not too bright either.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The air flow test. This is the land side filter hole. Far enough away from the filter and shows good air flow.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  This is the bay side filter hole. Looks like there is more air flow in this one. Probally because it's directly oppisit the fan. The other one isent. The air has to make a turn out of the hole.

  Today when I got home I made a filter holder for the fan. This will capture some paint. I would like to find a belt driven fan. They handle more air flow and I can put the motor on the outside. Might be able to find one. That would be better to use in many ways.. But then, it is for a short time, and with oil based Rust-O-Leum. The same stuff outdoor furniture is painted. If your wondering what it would look like on a vehicle. Check out the 85 Rangers web site. It's all Rust-O-Leum. Inside, out and under.

  Thats it for today. Diden't have much time to do anything else. Tomorrow it's find some more 2x4's and make all the horses and put the rug on the tops. Then we will be ready to prep the body parts.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  This filter will capture the particles and such. Checked the air flow. Not much differance. Be better if I can find a old style belt driven fan so the motor can be outside and those fans move a lot more air a minute. Maybe I can find one..

  Today finished the spray Booth. Had a small welding job to do for Vic's 55 Crown Vic before I started in on my project. Made 11 horses, and preped the 2 fenders. Tomorrow Vic and Skip are coming over after I get home from work to help remove the hood and the trunk lid. Care has to be taken for removing the hood. Can crack the windshield if your not careful. Best if there are three people.

  As for the hood and the trunk lid. I'll start to prep those and two other front peices and put them in the spray booth. Depending on what time it is will depend if I prime or not. Noticed at about 1 or 2 O clock in the afternoon the booth gets warm. This is good. In fact, very good. Now, I am going to have to manage painting between work, home and the sun. Best if it's warm in there. If no priming tomorrow, I will have to wait until Saturday. A couple of coats of primer and then it's the color. At least 3 coats. I'm hoping.

  Painting the doors may not happen this fall. There is still a lot to remove and take apart. The doors, all four, have to be stripped of all the working. The glass, handels, window regulators, vent window, rubber and all. Then, they have to be preped and primed. All of this may not get done in time before the cold weather. But we will see what happens. Just keep trucking on... So, here's one picture of todays progress. Notice:

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The booth is finished. The fenders are in and ready for the primer. After the other parts are ready and in. I will go over the parts with a short cleaning for priming. So, we are back on with the car....

  Vic and Skippy come over in the afternoon. Removed the hood and the trunk lid. Had to find some plywood to make a ridgid cover for the front and trunk and then cut some vinyl that would cover the areas. It'll be some time before the lids go back on.

  Started the preping of the hood on the underside. Have to remove all of the glue that was used to hold on the insulation. I still can't figure out why they put insulation under the hood. It's open underneith, and frankly, it's a stupid idea. What are they trying to protect?. The hood paint?. Anyway, Not finished the hood. Continue on it tomorrow, or Saturday... Till next time everyone...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  I started it, and stoped to take a break and a picture. All of the glue has to come off. Plus some rust spots. I desided to remove the paint also because that would be better and faster than just to consintrate on the glue only. Remember, It's getting a new paint job!.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The inside of the hood. The triangle areas have to be cleaned up. Some of the cross members too. Theres a bunch of little rust spots. Guess you would be like that after 50 years. No one pays attention to under the hood espically when it's under dirty, dusty instulation. So, this will take some time to prep this side. Other side won't be that bad to prep.

  Got home a bit past 5. Desided to sand a little. Purchased two wheels earlier for my grinder... Got all of the glue off, and most of the rust spots. Need to feather the paint edges. Then it's prep the other side. Hopefully I can do all of this before the next rain because there is a lot of bear metal. Stored the hood in the shed. I need to prep the whole hood before priming.

  After dinner, I desided to stock the spray booth with cotton rags I have been collecting. People I know, and trash picking. I have pleanty of rags, and spill rags too, and final parts whipe (lint free) I also found a metal computer desk, tore the top off and made a paint table inside the booth. Have a lot of bed sheets, and I made a devider for the screw head and small parts painting. I also put up more cardboard for the Black and Blue screw head - small parts painting. So, it will be devided from the other parts and the other colors.

  Was talking to someone (now retired) whom worked for the county a ways back. He was one of the body and fender guys for the county. He said, in the spray booth they had a forced air heater fan that he used all the time painting in there. No problems, and it worked very good. So, hearing that, I desided to give the fan I have a try. Would be nice to have real good air flow. So, after the hood is preped, I'll check into doing that. Have to modify the mounting for the fan hole. Will do that before painting in there.

  Started to collect news papers. Black and white print only. No color. Need them for masking. Gonna have to start a list of preping materials. Masking tape and such. Well, thats it for today. Tomorrow is even later than today. Probally Saturday to continue with the hood. until then, Bye.

  Tonight I changed the fan. Used the heater fan I had in the old hot house. Cleaned it up and installed it in the air fan hole. The air flow is super!. Doing the lighter test. The air flow blows out the lighter at 27 inches!. I can feel the air passing my hand just about the same distance. Nice. Way better than the box fan. Noticed the vinyl on the floor, where there is no weight on the floor, starting to "lift up" and the vinyl all around walls and sides start to "suck in". Perhaps I should make the filter holes bigger?. Don't think I need to. This is temporary, and should do the job perfectly.

  I also took some pictures of the new fan, and the painting set up inside. I divided a little for special bolt spraying. The cardboard on the side is to place the bolt through a slot about a inch apart in the cardboard and paint the bolts all at once. The small area, is for the blue, and the larger area is for the black. In the black area, there will be parts hanging from the ceiling for painting too. In piticular, the headlight framing. Anyway, you'll have a better look once things are set up for a spraying. If it's not raining tomorrow afternoon. I continue on the hood. For now, see ya later.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The side of the fan. it's divided into two air flow sections.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The side of the fan. it's divided into two air flow sections.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The set up so far. The sheet dividers to catch the over spray. Blue/Black The cardboard is for to hold the bolts.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Looking from the front of the room. Still a little more set up to do inside.

  Well, today I spent the whole day messing with this fan. Yup, the fan... Seems the original fan motor had bad bearings. The motor ran until it got hot, then would make a grinding noise and stop.... Ok, so, used a motor from a large air conditioner. Made mounts, and wired it in... Ran good for a while then shut off. The internal thermal switch shut down the motor because of overheating. I thought this was a good time to do my pully idea. So, I went to ace hardware and purchased 1- 5 inch and 1- 3/4 inch pully, with a 1/2 inch shaft.

  Good that the other motor was mounted because it had a dual shaft. That means, I connected the larger pully to that other end of the old motor. Had to modify the air hole to accept the fan belt to go through, and had to make a mount for the motor. The motor is a 1 HP, and at 3000 RPM's. That means, there should be no problem in turning everything... After all is said and done. It works, and works well. Better than the other motors.

  I wired up, and I also put all the wires together from the old motor so the motor itself does not generate electric. I also put all those wires to ground. So, therefore, there should not be any electricity, not even a 1/2 volt generated by the old motor. The new motor is outside, under the canapy, and is protected from the elements and is out of the booth itself. That is a good thing. I am even happyer now, than with the original or the second motor. So, because of the modifications, here's pictures of the mods. This should be the last of the building of the spray booth pictures. Looks like tomorrow, I work on the hood... Whew, I am tired again from today....

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The handeler box, exhaust, is filtered from all sides. Air is pulled from top, bottom and both sides. The front has a cover. Wanted the air to pass right, left, top, bottom. Works

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Here's a shot from the other side.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Outside under the canapy. The motor. The pully, and the wireing.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The canopy. Had to extend it for better air placement. Works well.

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