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Front wheel wells primered and ready to paint.

front suspension primered and ready to paint.

Paint the wheel wells.

Painted, wells. Nice!.

Getting there. Little more to go.

Rust busting! at it's best.

Nasty rusting. But, we bust!.

Patching, This went on for 3 years!.

New wheel bearings, front and later on, the rear.

Original brake fluid, Crystalized.

Going to a car show that day.

Burke car show, 2016.

Cape May. Bystander takes a picture.

Wildwood convention center circle car show.

Holloween 2016 walk through.

headlight switch replacement.

Cleaning up for restoring inside parts.

The door panels came up nice too!.

The inside door panels. Nice yo!.

Bumping some stainless trim.

Buffing the aluminum rear trim.

Masking with flat black.

Removing masking after the paint job.

The new cover. Made from Bulletin board vinyl.

New voltage regulator. Finding one was 1/2 the fight.

Painting the outside body of the 62.

Painting, don't forget under the rockers.

Center beam rust replacement.

Fender: Just removed from the car.

Fender: Just removed from the car.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Welding in new metal.

The restoration picture book.

Changing working position.

Block it for front wheel work.

Painting the edges. Edges first, dry, paint again.

Prepping the roof.

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  Today after work I continued on to the spray booth... Last night I had enough of footage to make another Pictural Restoration video. Here's the link for the You Tube video. Below is also a picture of the Spray Booth progress.

You Tube Nav ID Pictural video of work to the 62 so far. From August 12, 2012, to September 12, 2012.

Pictural video of work to the 62 so far. From August 12, 2012, to September 12, 2012.

(Opens in new window)

Pictural Video Part Three

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The framing is working out good so far. There is some ground work I also need to do before I put the vinyl floor down. I will do that after the framing is done.

  Saturday will be the day to continue. Tomorrow I have a long day. Be too late when I get back. So, look for more posts right here over the weekend. Thanks for following this restoration...

  Hello everyone!... Today made great progress. I am now ready to install the covering. The frame is finished, strong, and sturdy. The fan air exit, the two air filters entrances, and the access door. Whew! What a job, but still a bit more to do until I declare it's finished. Hopefully, it won't rain before I finish it.

  Had enough of boards so far. Probally going to need a few more for around the bottoms to hold the vinyl, and to make a bunch of horses for holding the fenders and all for painting. Might be able to use the other wood for that. I also need to put some boards across for making holders for painting. Large cardboard racks with the screw heads for painting.... But, we will do that when the building is finished. And yes, I also plan to garage the car in it when all is said and done. Espically, if I can slip the car is easiely without fear of scrapping the tree or the other little building next to it. Measurements say I have enough of room.

  Well, I am pooped out today. Should sleep like a rock tonight. I haven't worked with wood like that for a long time. I am not a carpenter for sure. I guess you could say I am a basement carpenter. LOL.... Tomorrow, after work, I should be able to start the vinyl roof at least. So, for now, See ya's next time.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  This is the rear of the booth. Notice the fan houseing. The air will be passing through to remove the over spray. If I had money to do it absolute correct. The floor where the car sits on should be where the air is pulled out. The whole floor should be a giant air duct. But this will work just as good. Espically with the air filters.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Here's another shot of the back. Notice the blue color things in the front?. They are the air filters holders. There are two..

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Another angle from the yard side. Notice the access door, and the other air filter.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Looking in from the front.... Pleanty of room to paint the parts and the car... I'll have to save some plywood and make covers for the air filter vents and the fan houseing for the dead of winter.

  Today I started early tryed to do as much as I could before the rian. Had winds though... Kinda rough handeling that stuff in the wind. While I was getting the sides on and secured, the winds would take the top down a little further. I had to use my reserve strength to pull them up again.

  I have all the sides and the roof secured, however, I still have to cut in the fan hole and one of the filter holes. I also have to make the garage door entrance a little better... Kinda rushing to keep ahead of the rains. I don't want the inside to get wet. Hopefully, all will be okay in that area. I will check while it's raining, if I am able to to check for any leaks. I did see a few holes tiny holes, and I also seen illusion holes I think. Okay, what do I mean by that?.

  Seems the material is white before It's printed on, so, some of the printing makes it look like there holes in the material when it's actually not, just a white spot that the day light is emitting through. There are a bunch of them in the lighter printed areas. I can tell in the darker areas if it's an actual hole or not. If there are holes, I can patch with glue. Question is. Getting on the roof to make the patches without ripping through... LOL...

  I finished up at just about 6PM. No rains, but it did start a few times but thats all. Calling it a day.. Will continue tomorrow after work. Shoulden't be too difficult now.. Hopefully... Here's some pictures... I put the copy side in for a few reasons. They asked me to, and I thought it would make it brighter when I get lighting inside. Two flourcesents 8 foot, each side. But, for now, here's some pictures for ya...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The back and the rear side. Had to figure out a way to keep the material down. The under peice is almost all the way up. There is covering about 5 feet up from the roped material. No water should make it. I can also glue the meterial together later on if I need to.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The side. Door entrance, and I did get one of the felter inlets done.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The front where the car enters. Need a little more work here. But for now were good.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The entrance and the one filter inlet. Not bad for a non carpenter...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Inside. Here's the entrance door wall... LOL... Might make me thursty.... Yes, I purposely put the material on so the copy one can read!... LOL.....

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The back. Had to use a few different ones here....

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The back and other side wall.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The other side wall. Showing the rest of the wall.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The front. Don't know who the guy is. Probally a singer....

  UPDATE: It's now 8:49 PM. Raining cats and dogs for the last 1/2 hour.. I was out doing some running. Came back and grabed the Ryobi flashlight to have a look.... Here's what I found. No leaks from the roof, or the sides. I did find some water seaping in from the bottom in two places. JUST TWO!!!... The permiter seapage isen't really a problem. But it's only in two places and the rain was a blowing driving rain.

  It's not too often we get these kinds of rains here in this area. Maybe use a sealer?. Or maybe make a apron at the bottom, glue it so the water is defelected from the mounting material. I think thats the key. Will need to get weather resistant glue, like a silicone. But, that is for another day. But, now I know were good in the roof and the overall. The car won't get water dripping on it, and the floor is dry. Sweet!... I can now proceed to the filter ports and the fan port. I will leave you with this: My son was looking at the fenders the other day... He turns to me and says: "Your turning coal into gold". I said: "Thank you".

  Got home at 2:30. Had to do a small welding job for Vic... After that, I had enough of light to finish the fan hole and the other filter hole. They are now ready. I will be doing the "garage" door next. This has to be simple, and at no cost to be within budget. Been asking around for light fixtures. If I can't find any used then it's off to Home Dept. Lowes seems to be more expensive... So, here's todays two pictures. NOTE: If anyone has a couple of 8 footer flourcesents, two bulb and ya wanna get rid of them contact me.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The fan exhaust hole. A filter is placed inbetween the fan (covers the entire hole) to capture the paint particles before exiting. The screen is removed easy. At the bottom is a "turn out" peice of wood and the screen slides out. When finished painting, the screen is put back and the filter is removed and will be replaced after every session. The filters are heating filters and cost 1.98 per filter.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The other filter hole. This is located in the front next to what will be the garage door. I have to figure out a way to do the door without making a real door. Not enough of room to open the door. Probally will do a vinyl roll up door.

  Today I finished the garage door. The home made "open" lines work quite well. On the bottom (the white area) is a sleeve. I put a pipe through, and the open lines work well. Remember, the stuff to paint after in the garage door will be air tight as much as possible. The sides will have the wood screwed in to get a better seal. Next is to make covers for the filters and the fan hole. These should be covered up after painting is done to keep the sun's heat in and any bugs or dirt from slipping through anywhere around the holes (if any) to get in.

  Picked up 8 flourcesent light fixtures today. 6- 4 bulb 4 footers, and two 2 footer dual bulb fixtures. Time allows, tomorrow we install these. These are named "troffers" they are a office type of fixture and look close to spray booth fixtures. They are not explosion proof. So, that means no Laquor paints. Not many uses for that today though. These lights are for drop ceiling that drop into the celing rails. We don't have rails, and screwing them to the wood. 2 on each side and the small one's at the front and the back.

  I also started making the saw horses to hold the parts. Gonna need a bunch. I have made about 4 so far. Gonna need to make another pass at the dumpsters for more wood in order to make some more horses. I figure about 10. Thats it for today, heres some pictures..

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The "Garage" door. remove the wood for sealing, and pull of the ropes. The vinyl rolls up. Nice. Tie off the ropes and there you have it. Close the door, and re seal when painting is started.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Inside. The ropes are screwed to the header beam. All is a go so far.

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