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Doner car for sheet metal.

2.5 years of ONLY welding.

Picking up the 62.

Picking up the 62.

Picking up the 62.

Picking up the 62.

Picking up the 62.

Making the dog leg.

Rear Ax out for restoration.

Old gas tank problem.

Wrong location for 1962.

Door Panel-skin welding.

More door panel-skin welding.

Archived: Restoration-Human Clock Picture.

Archived: Restoration-Human Clock Picture.

greasing up the brake pedel. Squeak stopping.

Archived: Restoration-Human Clock picture.

Archived: Restoration-Human Clock Picture.

Archived: Restoration-Human Clock picture.

Door ready for paint. (Inside)

Primer application.

Archived: Original Door Plate.

1/4 All welded in, and ready for plastic.

Archived: Driveway install.

Archived: Restoration-Human Clock picture.

Archived Restoration-Human Clock Picture.

Archived: Restoration-Human Clock picture.

Archived: Restoration-Human Clock picture.

Archived: Restoration-Human Clock picture.

Applying the 1/4 plastic. (Bondo)

Archived: Restoration-Human Clock picture.

Archived: Restoration-Human Clock picture.

Archived: Restoration-Human Clock picture.

The Couch Material for redoing the seats.

Picking up the 62.

Picking Up The 62.

Picking Up The 62.

Picking Up The 62.

Picking Up The 62.

On the dolly, ready for the 122 mile trip.

The drive back with the 62.

Archived: picking up the 62.

Archived: picking up the 62.

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  I diden't remember to take pictures before I put the exhaust manifold back on. So, this is the best I can do with the camera under the manifold.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  I diden't remember to take pictures before I put the exhaust manifold back on. So, this is the best I can do with the camera under the manifold.

Yes, some new bolts are in for the manifold. Some old bolts diden't look that good. Might be stretched and ready to break.

  Taking the car to the Gentlini Ford car Show on the 2nd. I am also repairing (or trying) to repair a old commercial singer sewing machine for a older guy whom used to do upholstery, back in the 60's and 70's. I fix his machine, he will do my seats. So, in the time from now to the car show, I will be working on that. I need to get the model number and get the manual for it to see if I can fix. I don't want to have the car's body apart for the show. I better see about his machine. It will be worth the extra effort to fix. I also need to get together the body tools I need.

  While I am waiting for the show and after I'll be getting together body tools, and getting his machine working right. If so, I will remove the seats while I work on the body. Be a good idea to remove the seats anyway since I'll be welding around the rear doors and under. No sparks should get on the seats, or sides of the seats... So, until next time....

  Was windy, and looked like rain. Supposed to rain for a few days... So, instead of working on the car I desided to tackle the tool box issue. Yes, I had a tool box issue. They were around the fence. So, getting tools took a lot of walking and they weren't all in the box because, there isen't enough of room in the box.

  My daughter works for a motel, and they purchased some new maid carts. I got three carts (for free), and used the best one. The metal one was trash, so that one went into the metal scrap pile. The third one went to a friend whom is going to do the same thing I did. Spent almost all day building this cart into a tool cart. The box behind the fence is a pick up truck tool box, and my electric tool are there. I finally got together my wrenches, sockets, and all that now in one place.

  Now, it's on to getting a set of body tools, some 6x6 peices of wood, about 8 inches long for chocking, jacking, and resting of the car while up. I have a set of 13inch high jack stands. I need to get a good garage jack, and a few other tools like, door handle remover. Then, I will be just about ready to tackle the body. You know, I will be getting more tools, as time goes by... Thats it for today.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Finally, I don't have to walk back and forth for one wrench. All in one spot, and the spot is portiable...

  Supposed to rain all day, on and off, or just rain. They can't make up their minds. So, I spent the day running a little bit. Went by the upholster guy's. he wasen't there. Left a message... Got together more sockets and tools for my cart. Found a heavy ping hammer in a thrift store, and a light pinger hammer... Good to at least start with... Still looking for dollies and the normal ping hammers.

  I purchased a new flasher a week ago or so.. The original flasher was flashing very slow, indicating the flasher is bad. Drawing a lot of current on the heating element. So, I desided to change it. That wasen't a easy thing to do. Where they have the darn thing is behind the light switch beside the what?. Fuse box?. If that's what they call a fuse box. I had just about no room to reach, pull, and put it in even in the holder, witch poped out along with two dash lights... What maid things worse?. Yea, you gussed it. It started to drizzle, rather heavy. No, not rain, rain, but a heavy drizzle.

  So, all said and done. It is finished, the turn signals are blinking faster, the hot line to the flasher is cooler (yea, it did get warm). The dash lights are back in, and all is well... I have to save some money for some special tools. Mostly air operated tools and the body tool kit for working on the body. Limited in working on the body until I get the right tools. So, for now, I will do what I can do. Espically after the Woodbine NJ Gentilini show. Until next time...

  Today after work I arrainged to pick up some 6x6's and 4x4's and a few other wood pieces. I built a bending, pinging, and hammering table so I will be able to shape some sheet metal for the car... The wood, was pieces from someone around here that does landscaping. He was glad to give em' away.. LOL. I also made a wheel chock, and cut some pieces for blocking up the car while I work on the car, where ever I need them. I have pleanty.. probally too many... LOL..

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The working table. Pinging, hammering, bending table. Will need this for making the dogleg areas, and the trunk and the fenders... Probally, in other places too... Make a nice work table also for other things to come. Heavy, and sturdy...

  The 1/4 panels came, and they sent 1963 Fairlane. A little different, but not that much. Dosen't have the dogleg extension. That, was one of the reasion I purchased what I thought I was getting. They don't make the 1962 4 door 1/4's anymore. Told him I can make them work, with some extra banging. He said, okay then, keep the panels, I'll refund your money anyway... That was really nice of him. Guess they aren't in demand anymore, and they were taking up space in the warehouse?. I don't know, but I lucked out that day... Nice. I will purchase from them again in the future.

  Now, it's off to HF to purchase some tools next week. Don't know when though. Probally get together with a friend to take a trip there. No HF's around here, gotta go North for them... I have a list, and I will make use of the refund. Bang!. A nice jump forward. Till next time.

  When I have the car up on blocks, I will need to look into the rear's rubber vent tubing. Seems we got some rear oil leaking from the pumpkin fill hole. That is important, as build up of pressure from heat can blow out the rear wheel seals. This will be done when Vic is done his project and him and me are feeling up to the job. Until next time...

  Today I desided to go to Harbor Freight to pick up some air tools. Got a drill, sander, cut off, and a few others. They work, and now, I need to get a few other peices and supplies like many sanding and cutting discs. That will be hopefully, next week.

  Remember, no work on the car until after Saturday. I also need some stock of discs. I know I will need to run out for something after I get started, but I am hoping I won't have to do that. Thats it for this time...

  Today was the Gentilini Motors car show. It was a large one. About 200 cars in the show. All years and models... There are different catorgies, as you probally know. There were model T's, A's, 20's 30's... All the way to today.... I had many many comments. Seems it was a hit. yes, and so much a hit I won a trophey!... Yes. There was a catagory for best restorable car. (Something like that). I wasen't planning to win a trophey. At the end I was really getting hungry and I ate my limit on hot dogs so I desided to leave early, before the trophy give away. I asked Skippy, "If I win anything drop it off to me".

  I desided to get me a decent meal, to take my pill, as instructed on the prescription bottle stoped at a restaurant... After, came home and my son came out a said a guy with a old pink car came by... So, I went over Vic's. He called there, and had my trophey... Crazy huh?. Just think. Guys put thousands into their cars, and I put a few hundred and get a trophey.... LOL.... Just wait, after it's done I may never get another win again... LOL...

  I tell you this: My 1962 Fairlane was the ONLY 62 Fairlane there. I am beginning to think it's a rare car. One lady looked at the car with head almost in the windows. I walked over like I was a looker too. I said. "needs a lot of work". She said: "Yea, but this car brings back many memories". I said, "yea, your right... Like it has a lot of room in the back seat". She said: "Yes! You have that right!. I can vouch for that!". LOL... We both laughed.

  So, below are some pictures of the car show. This is held every year by the dealership. Free hot dogs and sodas, coffee for as long as the show is. This year, from 10AM until 3PM.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The first winning trophy. Gentilini Antique-Classic car show. Woodbine NJ. June 02, 2012. best restorable car. (Something like that).

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Seems the original bill of sale and the 62 facts people like.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  This lady, took her time reading all of the material. I thought she was going to kneal at one point.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  These two guys looked at the reading material and inside the motor area, like at one point their head was deep under the hood. I suppose, the 6 cylinder is a looker too. usually, a 8 is under the hood.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Two people, Woman and a man. The man has his head just about inside the car from the drivers window. You can see his back in front of the lady... He was just about into the car. I was going to ask him if he wanted to sit in the drivers seat but by the time I got there, they started to walk away.

  Click on the picture to see the bigger picture, then click on the largement in your browser and you will see the guy. He must have had is head inside the car through the window..LOL.

  So, thats it for today. Glad I did go to this show.... I am almost ready to start the body.. Not yet. I have to plan a trip to HF and pick up a few more tools and supplies for the cutter and sander... Then, I will be ready to start the body work. But for now, we get together the materials and tools and I have a few little more things to do to the pinging table. If you want to watch a 15 minute walk through of the show. Here's a You Tube link. Until next time, Drive careful.

You Tube Nav ID Walk through. Gentilini Antique-Classic Annual (36th) car show. June 02, 2012.

Walk through. Gentilini Antique-Classic Annual (36th) car show. June 02, 2012.

(Opens in new window)

genelini Car Show 2012

  Well... It was a nice day today. Sun got a little hot... In the afternoon. I desided to see about making the startings of the Doglegs for the 1/4 panels. So, I desided to cut some metal. At first, I tryed to use metal from a old gas heater cover. Too thick. Then, from a old hot water heater top. Still, too thick. Okay, so how about the cover from a large Micrwave?. Okay, seems to be just about the correct size.

  I made my paper templet, and went ahead and cut out the first sheet metal of the dog leg parts for both sides. So, later on in the week after work, if there is time, I will start to bend, bang, ping and shape the microwave metal to get ready to weld into place. Now, the welding in of these areas won't happen now. I'm getting ready for after the front. If I start the doglegs now, I can take a few hours almost each day to make them. Hopefully, I still know how to bang out metal from my HS days..LOL. Here's a few pictures.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  I used a old large microwave cover to start making the two DogLegs for the rear doors. Hopefully, they will shape up and weld in nicely.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Passingers side ready to be shaped into a Dogleg. That will be started during the week, after work, when there is time.

  So, thats it for today... if you remember the 60's... Remember?... "Same Bat Time.. Same Bat Channel". No, not really. See ya next time.LOL...

  Today, after I did my running, the right air cleaner came in the mail for the car. Cleaned it up a bit, purchased a filter, and put it in. Now, the right air cleaner is on the car for that era. I started shaping the DogLeg on the passinger side. Worked on it for about 45 minutes. It began to rain. Maybe later... Maybe not. Till next time...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The 1962 Fairlane, finally, has the right air cleaner for it's time. Cleaner and motor will be painted in the future. Ford Blue.

  After work I desided to remove the drivers fender and have a look to see really how bad the rust is around the shock tower, cow area, and the front wall... I was suprised of discovering how nice the area is. Seems, the only rust problem is the very top of the shock tower, and it's actually just the trim at the top. The shock cover in the wheel well is only in a small area. That can be patched if no covers are available. I just may do a patch job on that.

  The front wall, isen't that bad either. The cow, inside no rust, None. However, below, where the water runs off in between the cab wall and the lower fender there is a little hole, (that I completed with my finger) about the size of 2 quarters side by side, still, not bad for a 50 year old car.

  Amazingly, removal of all the bolts. None broke, or stripped. The inside of the bumper is like new, surface rust, thats it. A good sand, and black paint and the rear of the bumper will be done... Notice the front bumper mounting. No rust. basicly none!... Sometime this week, the other fender I will remove. Then, it's, cut out tower rust, make patches, and prime. Move on to the rest of the drivers side. get that done, primed, and then the other side. Once that is done, primed, and painted, then it's patch the fenders.

  Still, a long ways to go for the front. But, it's not as bad as it looked from the start. here's some pictures below.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The front bumper mounting, and radiator mounting. Good condition.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The drivers fender removed. Not bad.. Not too bad at all.

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