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Masking for painting the edging.

Masking for edging the cowl area.

Hood back on. It's that time.

Painting the jambs.

Painting the outside, first coat and edging.

Buffing up stainless trim..

Making some trim clips.

Making the side dash marks hole templet.

Painting the inside.

Re placement of the stands.

Radio repair.

The rear removed for restoration.

Making new leafs to install.

Painting the rear ax.

The 1962 fairlane was badly rusted.

The 1962 fairlane was badly rusted.

Seats needed a lot of work too.

I do own a sewing machine, 1932 Consew Singer.

Removing the old material around the old vinyl.

Sewing on new beads for the centers.

Now, sewing in the new centers.

Hog ring placement and install.

Installing the beading.

Installing the centers.

Very strong old sewing machine.

Patching the spring covers. RAW patching.

Starting the booth-garage.

Making progress on the booth-garage.

Made from wood and bulleting board vinyl.

The nut and bolt painted wall.

Parts painted.

Booth painting. Edging some parts.

Parts painting in the home made booth.

Painting a few parts. To be painted again.

The home made buffing machine. Made from a washing machine.

repairing the rear rail.

Bending sheet metal patch.

Patching the rear lobes.

hand made dog leg.

Finishing the patching welding in.

Plastic (Bondo) Smooth over the roughing.

Plastic (Bondo) Smooth over the roughing.



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02-03, 04-12

  Was going to work on the car when I got home from work today... But, now, it's raining... Tomorrow is cloudy, and I will see if i can get the gas tank back in, and the gas line connected to the fuel pump, and the engine running off the tank. Hopefully, I can also change the oil too. A friend stoped by and took a look at the engine. He seems to think it's a "lazy Lifter". Hmmmm, haven't heard of that term. But, We'll know in due time..

  I purchased oil and a oil filter today, along with a complete gasket kit/set for the engine. Beleive it or not, Advanced still had some in stock in one of the wearhouses. Cheap too. So, I purchased the complete set. Probally need em as time progresses.

  Worked on the web site last night, and on going from a few day before. Changed the header. Dosen't look so crowded. Found a couch in the trash, and the material looks really good for when re-doing the seats. Threw it on the pick up and got it home and cut all of the material off, along with some foam. There should be enough to do the material inserts in the front and the back seats. All I need now, is a sewing machine, and learning how to use it, or a volunteer to do the sewing.

  We'll work on the car tomorrow just about after breakfast, when ever that will be... There is some prep work before the tank goes back in. I need to know it won't leak. We will also find out if the gas guage works. If not, could be the electric "Bi-metal heater" behind the instrument panel. We'll know when we put gas in and trun the key on.

  Today I re-installed the original gas tank. A few weeks ago, we cleaned it out, and I ordered a new sender... Remember?. The tank was painted a while ago, and it was ready to go back in. Had to purchase 2 new hook bolts for the tank (Ace hardware). The one broke taking it out, and the other one was okay, but, for 2 dollars each, I desided to replace.

  Heres a video. The first short drive that the car has had since 33 years ago... It still needs mechanical work, but I needed to see/feel if all was going okay for now. And it is. At first, when I pulled into the street, it had some drag. I figured it was the brakes because they were a little tight when adjusted, and it'll level out driving it. (Self adjusting brakes).

  The car is going to need some transmission work, that is, seals, shifting into 3rd, Screen cleaning or change. At least, that is what I discovered so far. It leaks, what looks like oil, although I needed to put a 1/2 quart of trans fluid in. Don't know how bad it leaks, but on the next check, we'lll see.

  Here's a video of the first short drive that car has had in 33 years. I drive it around the block, and to wawa. She stalls sometimes, but I think thats just low idleing speed as compaired to the carb when giving gas. I will increase the ideling. The left pulling when breaking has lightened up. I will keep a eye on that... Shifting into 3rd. Might be a part on the side of the trans, I will check into that further, as we progress.

You Tube Nav ID The first short testing drive round town just a little bit.

The first short drive on the road.
(Opens in new window)

Body prep 03.


  Before I went to work I changed the oil and oil filter. I adjusted the idel a little higher. That seems to be the stalling problem. Diden't stall while moving it around for the ramps. The old oil was pitch black. I also tightened up on the water pump bolts. it's possible the coolent leak from the water pump was because the water pump needed to be tightened.

  I suppose I should tell you all, when watching the first drive video you see the couch stripped of it's material... That material, if all goes well, will be used for the seats when that area of the restoration takes affect.

Thats it for today, had to run some chores before I went into work. Tomorrow, if weather permits, some more work on the ol' 62. Mission tomorrow: The #3 cylinder investigation. (Now imagine your watching Law & Order, Think: Dunk, Dunk). LOL....

  Today I investigated the #3 Cylinder.... Removed the valve cover, started the engine. All rockers were rocking, and all looked good. I was NOT able to actually see the valve stems move because there was not enough of room in between the springs to determin if the springs were actually connected to the valve. However, all of the rockers and springs looked to be working correctly. Here's a video.

You Tube Nav ID Running the engine with the valve cover off.

Valves working. the engine is running with the valve cover removed.
(Opens in new window)

Body prep 03.

  At that point, I got out the compression tester I borrowed from a friend... I tested #4 cylinder... 140psi... I then tested #3... 30psi... Yes friends, it seems rings are the problem, although it could still be a valve. Why?. Because if the valve is stuck open there will still be no compression, OR it could be a burnt valve and the compression is getting through OR, it could be a very dirty valve not sitting right.... It comes down to, The head has to be removed at some point or another. Removing the head and actually really getting to the nitty gritty of the #3 situation, would have to wait for a future time. I can however, turn the motor by hand and have a better look. That would requirer another person. I think I will wait until my older friend has a couple of days when it's warmer out to remove the head and know for sure. So for now, it's 5 cylinders.

  While I had the cover off. I got my screwdriver and scraped the gunk out as much as I could. Set the gunk in between the rockers and used the shop vac to clean it up more inside there. I also cleaned inside and out of the valve cover. Going to have to clean the engine next.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  here's what it looks like inside the valve cover. Years of running. Cleaned out a lot of the grit, mud, and grime.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Took some time to clean up the valve cover. Inside and out. Used paint thinner to remove the baked on oil, dirt, grease.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

here's what it looks like on the engine. I also cleaned up where the gasket goes. New rubber type gasket, so the oil leak will stop. Clean the engine next, and the fire wall, and the rad, and the sides, and... He he he, all over and under!.. (on a nice day whenever that may be).

  We keep on movin' until we can look even deeper into this problem. But for now, we move on..... On the transmission, Seems the transmission is a 2 speed according to Ford. So, that means there is no 3rd gear!!!.. Never had one?. it's only 2 speed?... WOW, thats nuts!. That means if your doing 55 mph, the engine is at high RPM's. If thats right, then the trans is working right, and the problems are just leaks.. I need to clean off all of the oil and dirt on the engine and the transmission to see where the drips are comming from AND find the numbers that are assigned to them. That will tell me exactually what they are. Engine 170 or 200?. Transmission?. Even though Ford sent me a letter for decoding the door lable. See, they decoded the Vin U as a 221 V8. We know for sure, it came from the factory as a 6. Are they wrong about the transmission?. They wont go any farther for me. So, we locate the numbers. First, a down and dirty real cleaning!.

  Soooo, if anyone knows for sure it's supposed to be a 2 speed, Please let me know. I have a feeling it is, and therefore better not go faster then, say. 40?. Okay, so next, is to order a top and bottom rad hose, and pick up a few foot of transmission hose for replacement. I will have to order them from New York (the rad hoses). I will probally also order a new water pump and gasket and a couple of freeze out plugs. If I'm going to drain the rad better take care of all the coolant problems at once.

  Thats it for this session.... See ya next time...

  I was talking with a very experianced "older" mechanic, still working. He's the owner of his own well known shop in these parts. He suggested trying a product named Rislone. I purchased a bottle, at 10 bucks. Now, I'm not one for addatives, only a lead subtistute, like that stuff. Products that clame they can fix problems caused by age, or use, has a very large question mark in my book. But, this product suggested by this guy has merit.

  Using this product requireres that I use the car. Now, it's going to cost me a little more to do this because of the leaking transmission. I'm going to have to check the transmission fluid every day I use it. Drive around like it's a regular car... What?. yea, like, use it like a regular car for a while. That should's like fun, BUT, with a leaking transmission?. Leaking Water Pump, leaking freeze out plug, leaking engine oil?. I can also run it in the driveway each night for a few hours...

  I desided to give it a try. But, when I can drive it safely, during the light time, and checking the trans, oil rad coolant before I drive. That will also let me know just how bad the transmission is leaking. Maybe I'll call the transmission guy on Thursday and get a price to put new seals, screen, and have him check it out while I use it with this stuff.

  Here's the product. I'll up date the products progress in the future... Maybe it'll fix the valve, maybe not. Here's a few other pictures I took while I was running the car for a little while.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

Rislone additive to the oil. Still a big question mark in my book, at least in this time. It says on the back for 4 and 6 cylinders use 1/2 bottle unless you have major compression issues. I only have one cylinder out. So, I used the 1/2 bottle.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

See, the gas guage works. When I put the tank in I put in a 1/2 tank with the lawn mower gas can. So, either it's leaking out, or I used a 1/4 tank. I check for leaking, so I used a 1/4 tank. next fill up, the lead sub goes in. I am told the lead was a lubing help with the cylinder walls and yes, valves.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

Temp guage works.

  Over the past month I have noticed there are several of you out there keeping tabs on the progress of this car. Knowing that, makes me feel good. Knowing there are people interested in the progress, and this car. Let me say this: I am not a mechanic professional. In fact, in my teen years, I was a Electrical/Electronics nerd. I had the first computer (TI994A), and I had one of the first bulletin boards in Philly. I built two radio stations in my life time. Cars, back then, I missed the front street races, The Hill Co burn outs, and all of that. I am semi retired from electrical now, and I am catching up sort-of-speaking.

  I learned a few things when restoring the 85 Ranger. One of the things I have learned is to make a nice and detailed LogBook, like I'm doing for the 62. I have wished several times of using more video and pictures of the actual restoration process of the 85 Ranger. Now, I am. Hopefully, it will be injoyed by all... Now, we continue with the 1962 Ford Fairlane LogBook.

  Well, it snowed last night. Got a inch of snow and ice on the ground, the streets are salted, it's windy @ 27... So, the car will have to wait. Since the LogBook will be getting larger and faster then the 85. I need to make additional LogBook pages. Did want to re do the Log Book menu. So, today is a good day to do that.

  It was 27 out, and I needed to take some pictures of the radio for the LogBook's new menu face. I desided to see if she will start, and soft... Yes!.. Pumped the gas 6 times, put the key in, turned to on then start, and wham! No trouble, started and ran and did not fail!. The heater works too!. I checked the floor. No leaks, but the heater fan blew a lot of dust and particles. But, it works. Got quite warm in the car while I was taking the pictures.

  Ordered mail order parts today.. Advanced diden't have any radiator hoses. I discovered there is no sales tax, and the shipping is lower than sales tax... Sooo, I ordered: Upper and lower radiator hose, Thermostat, Thermostat Gasket, Water Pump Gasket, 1 lug nut. I will check the condition of the water pump when I take it off. Right now, it dosen't leak that bad. The rad hoses are. Besides that, gotta wait for funds...

  Removed the horn, took it into the house to see if I can get it working. Too cold, wet, windy, for working on the car. If it get's better out. Before I go to work today I may take a look at the headlights.

  Here's a video on getting the horn working.

You Tube Nav ID Fixing the old 62's original horn.

Removed the horn worked on it on the kitchen table.

(Opens in new window)

Horn Fix

  Well now, I filled the gas tank today. Added a bottle of lead sub, and drove for a little while... Went over to a frends, and went to Wawa. Onthe way back... The fuel pump seems to have stopped working. Opened the hood and seen the fuel filter (remember it's see through) had no gas in it. So, that means I need to get a new fuel pump, or a re build kit. Will call about getting one tomorrow.

  I broke down 1.5 blocks from my house... I wasen't about to push the car that far, so I called AAA and the car had it's first Jersey tow today. In fact, it's the first tow in at least 33 years... Below are the videos of yes, The first tow and the first tank full... You can bet I will try to get a replacement pump or a re build kit kinda quickly. Now, I am stuck in the water except looking into the headlights. So, hopefully, tomorrow I'll have a fuel pump of a kit on the way. I also plan on removing the fuel pump tomorrow and having a look at the diaphram.

You Tube Nav ID Filled the gas tank at the neighborhood Wawa. Added a bottle of lead Sub also. No leaks, and guage works too.

First gas filling after 33 years.
(Opens in new window)

First gassing

You Tube Nav ID The cars first Jersey tow. The car's first tow in 33+ years. Called AAA for the tow. No cost to me. The 62 is one reason why I got AAA membership...

The 62's first tow.
(Opens in new window)

First Tow

  Went to a few auto parts stores... No re-build kits available anymore. I am told they stopped making them when the fuel pumps went to non-rebuildable types. Anotherwords, no screws on the body of the pump...

  It seems that the engine is a 200... Yea, NOT a 170... The best auto parts store is Christman & sons, Inc. Auto parts located in Wildwood NJ. They have older referance books. The guy told me to remove the old fuel pump. Locate the number off the pump, and they can referance the number and see which one to order. It will also tell me what size engine it is.. Sooo, I removed the pump, cleaned up the oil and dirt, and there it was. The number, (Model number) was stamped on the side.

  He looked up the engines that the old pump went into, and the 170 was NOT listed!. 200, 250, 300 was listed. So, it seems that the engine is a 200. Those engines from the factory, as I check into, was not available until around 1964. I will still look for a block casting number when I clean the engine. The new fuel pump will be in tomorrow. Hopefully, it'll be running again within a couple of days.

  Today was my running around day. It's raining, and I needed to look into some things with the car.. I stopped over to Sam's Transmissions. I knew Sam from my teen and 20's from Philly. He worked on my car's in Philly. I discovered, he dosen't have a web site, and needed some computer re-config's at his shop. So, We agreed on a trade. He's going to fix, and adjust the car's transmission, clean it up, new seals, adjust (or replace the bands)... for computer repair and a web site. How about that!. I need to see if I can locate a installation disk for his printer, and go over and re-configure it, and look at his laptop, and take a lot of pictures for his web site.

  All in all, quite a nice day dispite the rain.

  Picked up the new fuel pump today. Looks different except the mounting and the pumping arm. Received a phone call from a electrical friend today. Seems I will be doing some electrical work for a week or so in between my regular job. So, that meams, the car may have to wait for a couple of weeks. Or, if I have a few hours in between. Hopefully, I'll get home tomorrow while it's still light out for the pump. Maybe I'll set up the work lights.. Should only take about a 1/2 hour.

  There may be little or no activity here in this LogBook for a week or two. If that is the case, I will be working either at my regular job or doing electrical and communications work for a little while. Till next time.

  Installed the fuel pump tonight before it got dark. Need to re-route the fuel line, and make it look better. Thats when I make the engine look purty. But for now, functional. The video has a nice couple toots on the horn. Sounds good. The classic Ford 1960's horn sound.

You Tube Nav ID The new fuel pump, and a few honks on the original 1960's horn.

The new fuel pump, and a few honks. (Opens in new window)

New fuel pump

  NOTE: The electrical job is tomorrow and Thursday. Not as long as expected..... Looking into the water pump, and the freeze plug. That is the next job. Then, it's a coolant flush, and new coolant. That part, is a major part because it all has to be done in one shot. #3 cylinder is still on the back burner. The valve still may free up... So, till next time.

  Purchased a freeze plug today. 1 3/4. I sized it after I got home from work. Same size. I also discovered just about all of them need to be replaced. Even the one under the exaust manifold and almost behind the starter. I reallly don't want to remove the exaust manifold. They all have wet areas under them, that means they are leaking. I'll change all I can but the one under the manifold may have to wait until the head comes off. It's not leaking as bad as the first one I found leaking.

  Ordered the water pump today. It really does need replacing. You can see the coolant streaming out and on to the block. Hopefully, the fan assembly will come off without trouble. I'll see if they have a freeze plug kit when I pick up the water pump.

  The engine really does seem to be a 200 at this point. Everything so far points to 200CI.. So, as of now, I check to see if the part I'm interested in fits both. The water pump does fit both as it does fit other engine sizes too. I think, after I do the water pump and the freeze plugs, I'll remove the valve cover and see about tapping on the #3 valve springs. Hopefully, they will bring back #3. If not, I'll have to remove the head, in turn requireres removing the exaust manifold, and several other parts. The complete top of the engine has to be removed reveling the top of the pistons and the cylinders. I have a feeling, it's gonna have to come off.

  The Shop Manual hasen't arrived yet. The tracking information hasen't moved since 2-11... Coming from HI. Hope it arrives soon, as I'm going to need the manual if the head has to come off. removing and re-installing has spicific instructions for doing that. I will also need a tork wrench for putting it back on. There is spicific bolt pressures that have to be kept to, or else the head will be damaged. If I have to do this, I will need the book.

  Before I went into work I started cleaning the engine, fire wall, steering box, and basicly inside the engine compartment. I used Gunk, once. Will need a few more times, and brushing, and scraping. The oil, dirt, grease on the steering box was (and I measured) 1/4 inch thick. That is a lot of grime. Must be 50 years of dirt, oil, grease... It's going to take several times cleaning, and I'm really going to need a power washer. I may know a few friends that may let me borrow theirs. I'll try Purple Power, and the hose first. I have two brushes I can use. Cleaning this is going to take a while that's for sure.

  Picked up the water pump today. Looks the same as the old one. The parts from Mac's is on it's way should be here Thursday. I checked with Christman's, and a radiator is available from the warehouse in Delaware. It's the same type and same as what was used on the Falcons. I also discovered, a shop in North Wildwood that has old parts stocked. Everything from Edsel to Chevy SS hubcaps. He may even have a set of Ford Dog dishes I *may* purchase if I have to go to 14 inch wheels because of 13's are hard to locate at reasonable prices. We'll see on that idea, but, I desided to replace the radiator. It's kinda bad at the bottom, but dosen't leak, but, still, I should replace it. He's checking into one at the shop before I purchase the one from Christman's... The shop also said they most likely have some trim and trim clips, and some inside parts in the old stock shelves in the building. This is really cool, and a really, really, large surprise!. We'll see what developes from there.

  Tomorrow and Sunday I have electrical job's going on, don't think I will have time this week except for cleaning in there. I want to get the parts here before I do the cooling and engine freeze plugs. Most likely next Thursday and sunday. Will post more here...

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