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Front wheel wells primered and ready to paint.

front suspension primered and ready to paint.

Paint the wheel wells.

Painted, wells. Nice!.

Getting there. Little more to go.

Rust busting! at it's best.

Nasty rusting. But, we bust!.

Patching, This went on for 3 years!.

New wheel bearings, front and later on, the rear.

Original brake fluid, Crystalized.

Going to a car show that day.

Burke car show, 2016.

Cape May. Bystander takes a picture.

Wildwood convention center circle car show.

Holloween 2016 walk through.

headlight switch replacement.

Cleaning up for restoring inside parts.

The door panels came up nice too!.

The inside door panels. Nice yo!.

Bumping some stainless trim.

Buffing the aluminum rear trim.

Masking with flat black.

Removing masking after the paint job.

The new cover. Made from Bulletin board vinyl.

New voltage regulator. Finding one was 1/2 the fight.

Painting the outside body of the 62.

Painting, don't forget under the rockers.

Center beam rust replacement.

Fender: Just removed from the car.

Fender: Just removed from the car.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Fender: Removed the rust.

Welding in new metal.

The restoration picture book.

Changing working position.

Block it for front wheel work.

Painting the edges. Edges first, dry, paint again.

Prepping the roof.

FlowerPowerShort01   Okay, so why the change?.
  The old code was over 2 years old. I also wanted a easy way (more like pre coded pages) for adding pages easely, and without too much writing code. Espically, during the summer when the restoration is on full swing. I can add many pages, within the LogBook and the front pages. I can add easy, pictures and You Tube videos. Not too much trouble to add.

  I was on a coding spree!.
  A little over 4 weeks in the works writing this new site. Some of the time was copying the old directive code to merge into the new code, such as the herf's and images. There is no other way except to by hand, copy and paste the url's and commands. Some of the time was learning more CSS, and properties of the code. Java, is used here, and I must say rather a lot to get the neat effects to make the site more "nice", I suppose is the word.

  The old counting of pages was kinda crude. The old CGI script was quite old, and not as versitile as the new. Plus, with the new I can show the seperate pages hit counts, along with all the other pages even when I add pages at any time. Another copy and paste of 2 inches of code, and a new page count is born. The like and unlike counts were a little more difficult, and they are a page within a page and back again to show the count.

  As time goes by when I have the time
  I will make this page more informative, with examples. If your using Internet Explorer, Use Fire Fox. A much better browser. IE don't show all the goodies within the pages. IE lacks display abilities. I was trying to get the pages to look just about the same in IE and FireFox but, because of IE's display lack of, there is a larger size nothing in the bottom of the centers. So, trying to get them to even display sizes was difficult, and I diden't get it exact, and I most likely won't because of IE's poor display properities. I don't know anyone using IE anyway, I don't, nor does my friends.... Check back later on I will expand on this page.

  The flowers has meaning:
  Although this car was not built within the "Flower Power" movement time frame, It did go through the movement from the start to finish. Made, about 2 years before the movement. So, then, this car has seen those times from start to finish. Flower Power, was a peace movement. We all know that "peace" can not be acheaved no matter how hard we try. There will always be a nation or someone to try to "Take over the world".

  There are flowers at the bottom of the pages in the footers.
  Fire Fox shows them, and IE does not. Don't know how many browsers show or not.... But anyway, The flowers have "fallen" to the bottom of the page. indicating of as a leaf falls from the tree so do flowers, and symbolic as the leaves, Flower Power had it's day.


 The flowers grow, or not grow:
  At the beginning of the pages, at the top, as the browsers go from page to page, up or down the page ammount. The flowers seem to grow behind all the menus, and the top logo picture. As you (and me) progress through the pages the "back ground" fills with beautiful Flowers. (clip art), and will as pages go by. Neat huh?.

  The one "special" flower.
In Line Flower
  This is the yellow with green round center... This flower I removed from the WIBG album of the famous 60's hits. This is a double set rocord set. One of my favs, and now, a copy of one of the actual flowers is used in the site. All over.

  The "next page" link:In Line Flower In Line Flower
  In the center, at the bottom of the content, you will see a "Click me for next page" Showing the next page number. The flowers on the right within the box, is showing the page number of the next page. The flower with the blue outline, is showing the 5th count in the numbering order, (again the WIBG flower). They go up and down as you progress or egress through the pages. Nice huh?.

  The right side is videos
  The videos that are up on you tube to date. These change as you go through the pages. There are about 100 (as of 5-14-2014) as of of the car's restoration videos. You can access You Tube through these videos by clicking a video to watch. Or scroll through the LogBook pages to access the videos in order of restoration.

  The left side are special pictures.
 Of things going on with the restoration that is out of the ordinary. Funny, sad, or different. depends what happens. This side also houses other related pictures, such as comment quotes left for the comment box located at the bottom of the pages. Also, all the pictures uploaded to Human Clock. I take pictures of the time during the resturation for my spot in the day's time.

  This site was not done with a web building program like Front Page.
 I used a program that is basicly a text editor. It's called Arachnophilia. The Windows version 4.0. It's not available anymore because he moved away from the Windows set. It's really a glorified text editor, and it dosen't do much for you except put in your basic herf's, img code and tables. it dosen't have CSS, or Java Script. Like I said, a text editor, but it does have a nice feel. This is the text editor I used to build this web site. All the rest of the building came from my brain. All of the link pictures, and such I made myself from the several hundred pictures I have from the restoration, and clip art, and so on....

  The LogBook indexing box.
 This is a "pictural Index" of the work done to the car. The circuled or boxed numbers are a starting point to see what pages those restorations are located. During the restoration, I did do some jumping around to adjust for time and weather conditions. I woulden't do any sanding, or applying primer when it's below 50, but I could remove trim.

  Added on 1-26-14. The NEW LogBook Indexing box. This is where the restorations are text linked within the LogBook site area. You can scroll down, and select pages that are available for that piticular restoration work. I included all, except for the non restoration entrys. This will be added on to when the restoration starts again for the 2014 season. With this box, if your looking for a piticular part of the restoration. All the related links will be available for you to check em out.

  Up date..Sunday, February 07, 2016. If I can do a site search, this pictural index will go away. I plan on it, but, getting started is unknown.

  The new pages
espically in the LogBook pages are 2 to 1 of the old pages. In the old site, LogBook pages were too long, and had to be shortened. The new pages are about half of the old, and therefore there are 2 new pages to 1 old page. They load in faster, and are configured to load faster with direct on the server rather the HTTP linking. Remember, The pages will most likely continue on the next page. Therefore, that means a piticular restoration part may be continued on the next page. Eh, you live and learn you know?.

  The Message Box at the bottom in the center
  This is where you can send messages, comments. This goes on a file and I check it about every other day or so. No email, or user name or nothing like that is requirered to send a message. It is done mostly for spam reasons. I have to personally read and check each one before the messages get's transferred on to the comment area. If I see spam, All I do is hit delete on my admin panel. That easy.

  Collecting Information? (privacy Statment)
  This site is privately owned. On a friends server. We do not have any collection scripts running, nor do we care about collecting any personal information. You are counted as a page view. You are always welcome to this site. I know there are several of you whom check on the progress every other day, espically during the spring, summer, and fall. You have told me so. During the fall, spring and summer is when all of the restoration activity is in full swing. But, no, we do not collect personal information, nor share any information with other internet servers, or anyone else.

  However, as of Sunday, February 07, 2016, we started setting up Google Ads. Some people come here for information on restoring a car. There is a lot of restoration information here. Useful how to videos, as a lot of you stated on some You Tube videos. Therefore, as time goes by, we will be adjusting the ads for car restoring content. As such, the following is for your information.


  The message box at the bottom
  This is a special area where you can send text messages, Questions, or ideas. It is a area that does not automaticly update the comments below. Why?. I personally check this area, and spam is deleted. But, if you have a homest comment, The comment will be placed within the comments box below. The ONLY way to regulate spam is to personally do it. programs, stops, and everything else always let's em through. I just don't allow my brain to accept it. So, reading, is a requirement when a message is uploaded. Thanks to all of you whom send honest messages, Shame on the spammers, whom have nothing better to do that make more work for people.

  The Like and Not Like Thumbs
if you like a piticular item, video, or even a picture, or procedure on the car. Click the Like, Thumbs Up hand to add your count to all the likes, over the life of the web site. This will add your like count. I thought about making every video a different and it's own count, but, thats too much don't ya think?. So, we add all the counts together to make one "like" count.

  The counts transfered from the old site
  Yes, they all were transferred over to the new site. So, the counts are as when I started this site for the 1962 Fairlane.


  Thats it for now. There may be more to add to this page, Check back again.


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Dedicated to: Mr. Wills. My High School Auto Body shop teacher in 1973, 1974, and 1975.