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  Welcome to the pages of the 1962 Ford Fairlane and the 1985 Ford ranger and the 1984 Harley Davidson (AMF) Golf Cart.

  The date is now Wednesday, March 21, 2018. It's been over 6 years for the Fairlane's web site upgrade. It;s been over 8 years for the Ranger's web site up grade, AND for the 1984 Harley Davidson Golf Cart NEVER on the web.

  I combined the Fairlane and the Ranger into one web site. The Harley Golf Cart was never shown. So, now, here is all the vehicles I have restored or modifyed are right here in this one very large web site. Hopefully, you will enjoy, spread the links, and please comment and like.


2011 - 2018. 1985 Ford Ranger Antique. 1962 Ford Fairlane 500 antique.
You need permission to use or distribute any information on this web site.